De Islamisering van India

Waarom slaan bepaalde moslims, waar dan ook, elkaar en anderen de hersens in? Hoort geweld en de drang tot overheersing en bekering bij de essentie van de islam?
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Re: De Islamisering van India

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India coronavirus: Tablighi Jamaat leader on manslaughter charge over Covid-19

The leader of a prominent Muslim group has been charged with manslaughter in India after a meeting it held in Delhi spawned numerous Covid-19 clusters.

Police say Muhammad Saad Khandalvi ignored two notices to end the event at a mosque in the capital in March.

The event has been linked to 1,023 cases across 17 states - believed to have been spread by infected foreign attendees.

Mr Saad and his Tablighi Jamaat group have denied any wrongdoing.

Delhi police said that Mr Saad had been charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which means he will not be able to apply for bail.

The charges were brought against him while he was in self-isolation.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

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Over de bloedige grens van de Ummah in Kashmir:
Riyaz Naikoo: Hizbul Mujahideen Kashmir militant killed by Indian forces
Indian security forces have killed a prominent militant leader in disputed Kashmir, officials say.

Riyaz Naikoo had taken over command of the banned Hizbul Mujahideen group, succeeding Burhan Wani who was killed by security forces in 2016.
Wani's death triggered massive protests in the region, which is claimed in its entirety by both India and Pakistan.
The region has seen an armed insurgency against Indian rule since 1989, which has flared following Wani's killing.

Naikoo was shot dead in his home village of Beigh Pora in Pulwama district after militants killed eight security personnel in two separate attacks, part of a recent surge of violence in Indian-administered Kashmir.
Locals said the militant leader had been trapped in a joint siege laid by army, paramilitary and police forces. He had been on the run for eight years.

"At least 76 militants including Naikoo have been killed since January this year. But we also lost 20 soldiers including senior army and police officers," a security official told BBC Urdu on condition of anonymity.
Under a new policy, militants who are killed are not identified and their bodies are not handed over to their families.

Officials had accused Riyaz Naikoo of plotting attacks against the security establishment in the valley.

Disputed Kashmir has been a flashpoint for more than 60 years, sparking two wars between India and Pakistan.
In August 2019, the Indian government stripped the region of its semi-autonomous status and split it into two federally-run territories.
Thousands of people were detained and the region remains under severe security restrictions.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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May 15, 2020 2:00 PM by Robert Spencer

It's the same story all over the world. Authorities cower in fear before Islamic supremacists and jihadis, even to the point of allowing their victims to be victimized again. Cowardice is a worse pandemic than the coronavirus.

"They burnt down our houses and temples and police taking action against us instead: Telinipara Hindus in West Bengal recall the horror," OpIndia, May 13, 2020:
  • A local man resident of Telinipara of Hooghly district in West Bengal has alleged that Hindus has been tortured and attacked with sharp weapons and their houses were set on fire. The Telinipara area comes in Chander Nagar of Hoogly district. The area is recently in news due to communal violence.

    Many BJP leaders made the same allegations. Kailash Vijayvargiya, who is in charge of BJP in West Bengal criticized Mamata Banerjee by sharing one video after another.

    On condition of anonymity, a Telinipara resident said that a coronavirus positive case was found in Urdi market where people of both Hindu and Muslim community live. The husband and wife are currently undergoing treatment in Kolkata. The area is located near Victoria Jute mill. Some cases of coronavirus emerged in the Urdi market, which included husband and wife. They are undergoing treatment in Kolkata.

    After the detection of these cases, 20 people associated with them were sent to be quarantined. The number of testing increased in the area from the 3-4 kilometers from the area influenced by Muslims.

    The local person said that the sweet shopkeeper was also found corona positive following that he was also sent for treatment. The area was declared a containment zone. Then the police barricaded and appealed to other people to follow safety norms. But a local youth informed that the Muslims keep flouting the lockdown continuously during the month of Ramzan.

    The area has also been in headlines earlier due to Hindu-Muslim tensions. A factory of illegal arms was also sealed in the area earlier. It is known that Muslims have their influence there and anti-social activities are happening continuously.

    Reportedly, the Muslims were enraged when the local Hindus started putting up barricades to stop the movement of the people. Quoting Ramadan, they said that those people will come and go from ‘here' only. The local man further said this: "Recently, the Muslims were first to protest against barricading police. After this, when Hindus started barricading, taking care of their safety, they were infuriated. It was raining heavily in the area 3 days ago. Amidst the rain, many Muslims came out on the road carrying swords and other weapons. During the rains, the Hindus were chased away, their houses were attacked and vandalized. Commissioner Humayun Kabir refused to listen to the suffering Hindus. Hindu shops were looted. Suraj Sau's utensil shop was looted."

    In fact, after Suraj Sau's shop was looted, he asked for permission to vacate his shop as he had no means of earning left and if something happens then how will they compensate for the loss. The police did not allow him to vacate his shop that was later set on fire.

    When Opindia contacted him, he confirmed this news. Soon we will be bringing separate detailed report in this regard and will explain what happened to him.

    There was also a jewelry shop near the Suraj Sau's shop that was also burnt down. Seeing this unilateral attack on Hindus, Local BJP MP Loket Chatterjee swung into action and left Kolkata to reach the violence-affected area but police barred her to enter the area.

    Locket Chatterjee also put this matter on social media. The local person said that the councilor in Telinipara is a Muslim and is also influential, hence this collusion with the police. It has also been alleged that Hindus get every punishment for the actions of Muslims there.

    Suddenly, the police came back in the night, took some Hindus, and took them to jail. The locals said that a friend of him was taken away by police in the same manner. Even Hindus are targeted instead of Muslims who drive out the Muslims. He said that there's an atmosphere of fear in the environment….

    The locals also claimed that the local temple in the area named Sheetla Mata temple was also vandalized. Temple was also set on fire whose picture has been taken by Opindia. However, no video related to this incident has been surfacing till now. A Hindu club was also burnt and Hindus buildings were demolished….

    The hand of a Hindu was cut off, who was suffering from unbearable pain. The Administration did not make any arrangements for his treatment. 3 days after the incident, the eyes of Mamata Banerjee opened and she has spoken of strict action against the culprits….
Gun jezelf wat je een ander toewenst     islam = racisme   & de hel op aarde voor mens en dier
                                   koran = racistisch & handboek voor criminelen
      Moslimlanden bewijzen dagelijks:    meer islam = meer verkrachte mensenrechten

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Re: De Islamisering van India

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Waarom zouden we zoiets in het Westen versluieren onder de noemer vrijheid van religie of kritiek daarom intellectueel oneerlijk wegzetten als islamofobie?
Het recht op vrije meningsuiting wordt algemeen geaccepteerd, totdat iemand er daadwerkelijk gebruik van wil maken.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

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Er is weer een vervolg op de Ayodhya kwestie.
Moslims en hun vriendjes wilden alle Hindu-partij topmensen het gevang in hebben. Nu doen ze huilie huilie.
Babri mosque: India court acquits BJP leaders in demolition case
A special court has acquitted top leaders from India's governing party for their alleged role in the demolition of a mosque in 1992.
Former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani, and BJP leaders MM Joshi and Uma Bharti, had denied charges of inciting Hindu mobs to demolish the 16th Century Babri mosque in the town of Ayodhya.
The demolition sparked violence that killed some 2,000 people.
It was also a pivotal moment in the political rise of the Hindu right-wing.
Wednesday's verdict acquitted 32 of the 49 people charged - 17 had died while the case was under way.
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board said it would appeal against the ruling in the high court. "There were police officers, government officials and senior journalists who appeared as witnesses. What about their testimony? The court should have said whether these eyewitnesses were lying," the board's lawyer, Zafaryab Jilani, told the BBC.
Many political observers believe the verdict is likely to add to the feeling of discontent and marginalisation among India's 200-million Muslim minority.
Opposition leaders and some political commentators decried the ruling.
Congress party's Randeep Surjewala called it an "egregious violation of the law" that ran counter to "the constitutional spirit", and Sitaram Yehchury, from the Communist Party of India (Marxist), said it was "a complete travesty of Justice".
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Bij ons in de reclamewereld wordt de harmonie van rassen veelal gesymboliseerd door de blonde vrouw met de neger-echtgenoot.
In India ligt de focus op Moslim-Hindu.
Daar zien we dan ook Hindu vrouwen met Moslim mannen. En dat valt daar heel erg slecht. Er is daar namelijk veel stennis over de 'vrouwenroof'van Hindu meisjes door Moslims. (de Tanishq Love Jihad)
5 videos that tried to promote Hindu-Muslim unity but ended up deriding Hindus

The Tanishq Love Jihad ad controversy has opened a can of worms on social media. Following outrage on social media, Tanishq took down its remarkably culturally sensitive and obtuse ad on Monday evening. Since then, a Tanishq showroom in Gujarat has gone so far as to offer a condemnation of the ad and issued a profuse apology to Hindu society.

However, it is not the first time that an ad agency has portrayed a series of events that is starkly at odds with observable reality. Furthermore, brands have made it a habit of guilt-tripping the Hindu community and portray the impression that Hindus are bigoted and intolerant towards the Muslim community while the latter is always keen on building good relationships with the former. This scapegoating of the Hindu community for communal tensions is highly condemnable and rather disgusting.

We decided to go through advertisements that attempt such a mischievous endeavour. In a compilation of “5 Best Creative Indian Ads About Hindu Muslim”, at least two were overtly anti-Hindu. And a third used a Hindu girl to make its point regarding ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’. In the first ad, a Hindu man is shown becoming hesitant to buy an idol of Ganapati Bappa when he realises that the idol-maker is a Muslim.

While the Hindu customer is shown as intolerant initially, the Muslim man is depicted as genial and kind whose behaviour eventually melts the heart of the customer. This is not just a one-off advertisement but a regular feature.

In the second advertisement, the husband in an old Hindu couple is shown unwilling to accept an invitation for tea at the house of their Muslim neighbour. The Hindu couple was struggling to open the lock of their home and eventually decided to take up the invitation. Soon, differences appeared to melt over a cup of Red Label Tea.

In the third ad, of Surf Excel, a young Hindu girl tells the neighbourhood kids to shower colours on her. Ultimately, we find out in the ad that the Hindu girl actually wanted the neighbourhood kids to run out of colours so she could escort a Muslim child to the Mosque for Namaaz. Once the colours were over, the Muslim boy sits on the girl’s cycle in his pristine white kurta and is then escorted to the Mosque.

Then there was this rather long video where a Hindu boy was shown invoking Allah to convince his elderly Muslim friend. He then tells his mom “bismillah e rahman e rahim” when his mother asks him what the Panditji said. The mom asks with a grimace, “Where did you go, Rahul?” Again, it is the Hindu on whose shoulders the burden of secularism lies.

Another short-film depicts a Muslim man wrongly being targeted by Hindus for apparently stealing a bike. The reason for such suspicion was apparently because he had a photo of Ganapati on his vehicle. The short film appears tailor-made to propagate the mythical ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ narrative. The Muslim man is seen wearing a skull cap and is extremely polite while the Hindus are shown as rowdy and abusive.

The police also arrives at the scene and immediately assumes that he has stolen the bike. After preliminary checks confirmed that the bike was indeed his, he confirmed that he had kept the Ganapati photo because he was donated a heart by a Hindu man. And when he came to know that the Hindu man was a devotee of Ganapati, he placed a photo of the Hindu God on the vehicle.

These are just five instances which demonstrate a mythical reality where Hindus are portrayed in poor light to further the narrative of ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’. Such advertisements and short films can be found in abundance while the reverse scenario is virtually non-existent. It only goes on to show that there is a dedicated agenda underway to peddle a particular narrative where Hindus are cast in poor light. The Tanishq ad is part of the same agenda where the burden of secularism and tolerance is placed only and squarely on the shoulders of the Hindu community.
Met video: ... ecularism/

Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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After Uttar Pradesh, Haryana govt mulling law against 'Love Jihad'

“Haryana is contemplating a law against Love Jihad,” Anil Vij tweeted.
Harayana Home Minister Anil Vij said on Sunday that Haryana is mulling to introduce a law against “Love Jihad”. It is to be noted that on Saturday Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that his administration will introduce a law to curb ‘Love Jihad'.

"Love Jihad" is a word coined by right-wing activists to refer to an alleged campaign by Muslims to forcibly convert Hindu girls by feigning love.

“Haryana is contemplating a law against love jihad,” Anil Vij tweeted. ... ad-2853758
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Wajid Khan's Wife, Kamalrukh Accuses In-Laws Of Forcing Her To Convert To Islam

Kamalrukh said the current debate of anti-conversion bill was the trigger for her to open up about her experience in an inter-caste marriage.

Late music composer Wajid Khan's wife, Kamalrukh Khan, has claimed she was subjected to "scare tactics" and was made an "outcast" by her in-laws after she refused to convert to Islam.
Wajid Khan of composer duo Sajid-Wajid passed away in June.

Opening up about her experience through an unverified Instagram handle, Kamalrukh said she is a Parsi who got married to the "Dabangg" composer under the Special Marriages Act.

As per her profile, Kamalrukh is a clinical psychotherapist and in the lengthy post shared on Friday said, she grew up in an environment where education, independence of thought and "democratic" value system was encouraged, but it clashed with her husband's family.
"An educated, thinking, independent woman with an opinion was just not acceptable. And resisting the pressures of conversion was sacrilege. I have always respected, participated and celebrated all faiths.
"But my resistance to convert to Islam drastically widened the divide between me and my husband, making it toxic enough to destroy our relationship as husband and wife, and his ability to be a present father to our kids," she claimed.
Kamalrukh said it was her dignity and self respect which did not permit her to "bend backwards for him and his family" by converting to Islam.
"I fought this terrible way of thinking tooth and nail throughout my marriage. The result - being outcast from my husband's family, scare tactics to make me convert included taking me to court seeking divorce. I was devastated, felt betrayed and was emotionally drained, but my children and I held on," she said of children 16-year-old daughter Arshi and nine-year-old son Hrehaan she shares with Wajid.
Kamalrukh also alleged she is "fighting for the rights and inheritance of her children which have been usurped" by Wajid's family.
She further said though her husband was a gifted musician, she wished he dedicated more time to the family, "devoid of religious prejudices, the way he did while creating his melodies".
"We never got to be a family due to his and his family's religious fanaticism," she claimed.

Despite multiple attempts to reach out for a comment on these allegations, there was no response from composer Sajid Khan, Kamalrukh's brother-in-law.

On Saturday, Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel gave assent to an ordinance against forcible or fraudulent religious conversions that provides for imprisonment up to 10 years and a maximum fine of Rs 50,000 under different categories.
The promulgation of the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020, came four days after the Yogi Adityanath government approved the draft of the legislation which also curbs religious conversions only for the sake of marriage.
The onus to prove that the conversion has not been done forcibly will lie on the person accused of the act and the convert, it said.

Kamalrukh said the current debate surrounding the anti-conversion bill was the trigger for her to open up about her "experiences and ordeal" in an inter-caste marriage.
"The debate regarding the anti conversion bill should also delve deeper into the patriarchal mindset - it is mostly always the women who are made to forcibly convert.
"The conversion campaign has to be recognised for what it is - spreading hatred against different religious ideologies, separating wives from husbands and children from their fathers," she added. ... lam/365722
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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