Een mail van een ex-moslim aan Ali Sina

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Een mail van een ex-moslim aan Ali Sina

Berichtdoor Ariel » Ma Feb 11, 2008 7:09 pm

Deze mail aan Ali Sina heeft me geestelijk aangegrepen.
Ik wil jullie hem niet onthouden.
Het antwoord van Ali Sina staat er onder.

Dear Ali Sina,
Let me take some of your time, I will tell you of my situation and also ask you a few questions.

I was born a muslim of the sunni denomination eighteen years ago, my homeland Somalia erupted into war and thankfully at the age of three I came to this great land of Britain. My parents were semi-strict muslims, and I was raised up with islamic ideals though I never paid much attention to my religion for I spent most of my childhood and a considerate portion of my youth engaged in the frivolities of life.
At the age of twelve the tragic event that we know as 9/11 took place, an act done by muslims, one of my own. I wished to know, whether my religion supported such vile acts, so I read an English translation of the Quran and gathered for myself other relevant booklets pertaining to Islam. Unfortunately being twelve, my previous anguish and shock soon passed and the books lay at the bottom of my drawer, only briefly read. But as the years went by I would hear about acts of terrorism being committed by muslims worldwide on almost a daily basis, and though I had ignored it once before, this time round my consternation could not be relieved except by seeking the truth. So seek the truth I did, I went to islamic lectures, read the quran, frequented the mosque etc.
My parents were extremely happy that their son was displaying such zeal for his religion, but little did they know that each new nugget of information that I acquired regarding islam, was weakening what faith I had. My relationship with islam, previously consisted of partaking in the rituals of faith and some times I would be zealous and try very hard to "please allah" whereas other times I was pretty lax, the majority of the times I fell under the latter category. But now, as I grew to realise the true nature of my religion, I felt great sadness and pain each day. I confided in a lecturer who's sermons I liked the best for he interpreted the quran in a pleasing manner, and would often negate the idea that islam told us to kill and also that there was a jihad in the world at present. Rather he would encourage us to integrate with and show compassion to our fellow citizens. In hindsight I feel that it was his “britishness” which compelled him to this stance, for the quran could never imbue a person with such praiseworthy feelings. So I confided in him and told him that the more I learn of my religion, the more I wish to distance myself from it.
I described to him how I would often lay awake at night unable to sleep because I feared that if I died that night, I would go to hell because I truly was closer to disbelief than belief, but regardless of how severe the threat of hell was upon my soul I could not force myself to love my religion. He told me, that before, I was heedless of my religion so the devil had no real need to instigate me for much of his work was done, but now that I had made a conscious decision to educate myself about islam and act upon it, I had given him cause to rouse and his job was now markedly harder. “Be assured” he told me, “that he will employ against you every technique he knows to keep you from god and he will whisper to you constantly and will attempt to prevent you from every good thing, be patient and steadfast and invoke god much, and do not lose heart for if you knock upon the door of the king it will eventually be opened.” He advised me for about an hour and I remember feeling jubilation when we parted. I put into practice his advice and would spend much time occupied with Dhikr of allah and whenever I felt overwhelmed by doubts I would put it down to the work of satan and repel those thoughts by remembering islamic teachings about the immense reward that is paradise and the awful torment that is hell, I would recall stories of how god’s messengers would be tested severely even though he loved them and I clung to the hope that help was not far off.

I had at my disposal an impressive array of weapons with enabled me to bear the tumultuous battleground that was my soul. One of my greatest weapons and the one that kept me supplicating on the days when all I wished to do was throw myself of a craggy cliff, was the islamic belief that a sincere supplication is always answered by god, for Muhammad said, and I paraphrase “the supplication of a believer is always answered as long as he is not asking for something sinful or the cutting off of (kinship) ties and as long as he does not become impatient (i.e. he does not leave off supplicating due to despair).” He also said “when a muslim supplicates one of three things happens; either allah readily answers his supplication, an evil the like of which he was supplicating for is averted from him, or it is stored up for him in the hereafter for when he may really need it.” For close to two years this is what kept me going, but I was fighting a losing battle because the degenerateness of islam became more and more apparent as each day went by, nonetheless I gripped on to my faith with my molar teeth, for the loss of faith would mean the loss of my family and many of my islamic friends. Had it not been for a beautiful and excellent welsh girl, today I would’ve either been dead due to suicide or the bout of reason would have ceased to persist and I would still be a muslim. I met an intelligent and beautiful girl in college and developed a close friendship with her, as I increased my knowledge about her I began to love her and she me, I found out the feelings were mutual because she asked that I be her boyfriend. That proposal knocked me for six, and the next month was the worst of my life. Never again do I wish to experience such conflicting emotions, I was promiscuous when I was a bit younger but had given all that up for the sake of my religion. I had already committed a sin by taking her as a friend and I knew that if I accepted her proposal it would be the killing blow and my faith would be no more. After a month of torture and it really was torture, I was convinced that islam was made up of lies upon lies, actually I would say that I was aware of my conviction for the past year but I could not come to terms with it. I slept that night without the threat of hell looming over me, I slept knowing that I had given up hatred for love, I slept soundly and happily, my conscience finally clear, the truth apparent. I remember thinking this must be the type of great emotion which mighty poets have trouble expressing, in the back of my head I knew that apostasy may well result in the loss of my family, but I would cross that bridge when I came to it, and I would cross it with the help of she whom I loved most dearly. Let me tell you, it was a great relief to be able to sleep without spending ten minutes uttering the praises of allah beforehand, it was a great relief to catch a bus, go to the toilet, leave the house, put on my clothes, eat food, observe beauty, receive a gift etc, it was a great relief to do all these things without the prerequisite of expressing gratitude to allah. For the past month and a half, I’ve been islam-free. My parents do not know nor any of my close friends, my plan is to finish college and graduate from university and then I can reveal my to my parents that I have verily disbelieved in that which they believe, but that I do not wish for there to be enmity between us until the day of resurrection because of this act of mine. I will also inform them of my relationship with Lucy and if I am shunned then by that time we’ll hopefully have the means to move away and start life anew. I discovered your website a week ago, and I would like to say that it was a most joyful discovery. You refute islam in the most excellent manner, and you, ironically, “…argue with them in a way that is better.” [16:125]

I ardently support what you are doing, but from what I’ve gleaned from the articles which you’ve written, is that you are not hoping to bring about the end of all muslims who are a threat to humanity, be it directly or indirectly, rather it seems you are hoping for the end of all muslims without exception and you hope to achieve that through either exposing them to the truth or for them to eradicated at the hands of others! Does that not falsify your claim that you are a man of peace and love!? I am not a pacifist and fully believe that killing is sometimes necessary, but when you call for the eradication of a billion people and profess to loathe them in totality then that is not indicative of one who hopes for a better world. It’s amazing that you would delight in the destruction of the good muslims, and though it may pain you to hear it, good muslims exist, there are muslims who wish for reformation, who realise that their religion lags behind all others in it’s decrepitness and clear blood-thirstiness. They’re referred to as modernists and apologists by other muslims and are viewed with derision when they urge civility and say much of sharia law is outdated. I agree with your campaign but it pains me that you may be indifferent to me now, but six weeks ago you would’ve been pleased at my death because as far as you’re concerned I ranked no better than a filthy Nazi and my existence was a bane upon the good inhabitants of this earth. Don’t you realise that this will only frustrate your efforts to highlight the evils of islam. What I hoped was that movements such as yours would be a catalyst for islamic reformation, tell me, what do you think if Christianity had been wiped out centuries ago when it was at it’s most violent and barbaric? Are you not happy that Christianity went through reforms and though it was a time of hardship for people who lived at that time, future generations have benefited from the trials which our predecessors underwent. Likewise, if you really have the best interests of future generations at heart, then why don’t you wish for an islamic reform, it may well be bloody but let us bear the brunt of the problem, so that the whole world collectively may benefit, it was done for us so let us do it for those to come. Your idea that a billion people are going to abandon their religion is at best far-fetched, your second proposal that extermination is a fitting substitute is horrific. Let’s say muslims were exterminated, let’s for a second say that this can be done with no harm to ourselves, what of all those muslim children and babies!? Will you really justify their deaths or them being reduced to orphans? Just as those miscreants justify the blowing up and killing of Israeli children, because their derangement prompts them to validate such acts with the skewed reasoning that those innocent children would grow up into oppressive soldiers.

If I’m being presumptuous or my statements are ignorant then forgive me, but if I am right in concluding that you hope for such things, then I ask that you think long and hard about the implications such brutality would have, I also believe that expressing such views undermines the work which you’re doing and only serves to discredit you while alienating those who need to realise the truism’s which you make clear. The majority of British people would steer clear of your site because of how otiose some of your ideas are, and unless you rethink and revise your methods, I fear you will only cater for racists, bigots and other objectionable people, and the brush which you’ll be tarred with will prevent you from getting your message out to the masses. My hopes are that you take as many muslims as you can away from their faith provided they’re not in favour of reformation with regards their religion, because those present a threat whether they realise it or not, I also hope that causes such as yours can bring about islamic reformation, something which you cannot bring about if you insist upon maintaining the views which I’ve highlighted. You yourself have stated that you believe exposure is vital, if you wish to surpass the obscurity of the net and appeal to the masses then know that the media will never grant you any real coverage as long as you are so extreme. Anyway I’ve rambled on for a long time and need to get some sleep if I hope to attend college tomorrow. I hope you implement my advice and would like to finish by wishing you well, I hope this reaches you in good health and may your reply be speedy.

Abdullah(only by name though.)

Dear Abdullah:

I am glad that you could see the fallacy of Islam at such a young age.

However, where did you get the idea that I am advocating the extermination of all Muslims? Is this what you read in one of the Islamic sites inimical to me? I am afraid you misunderstood the whole message of FFI. I am not the only person writing for FFI. There are many who do and none of us advocates killing anyone. It is Islam that we want to eradicate my dear not Muslims. Islam is the disease and Muslims are the victims of this disease. If you works towards the eradication of AIDS, malaria or any other disease, does it mean that you want to massacre all the patients suffering from this disease? Where did you get this weird idea my dear?

Also how do you think a belief can be eradicated? The only way you can eradicate a belief is to expose its lies. That is what FFI is all about. We are exposing the lies of Islam so the thinking Muslims come to see the fallacy of it and leave it. We are quite aware that fear is the only thing that impedes Muslims to use their rational ability and think. You yourself experienced it, or at lease explained this fear quite well. Fear is the result of ignorance. We fear things that we do not understand. Once the truth is exposed and everyone sees the little man behind the curtain, fear will give way to knowledge and this whole edifice of lies will crumble like a house of cards.

I hope you continue reading this site to see that what our enemies say about us is utter nonsense. As a matter of fact FFI has helped many non-Muslims to understand that Muslims are not born blood crazed terrorists, but mere victims of a big lie.

Now, I don't know why I get the feeling that you are not whom you claim to be. Anyway, please continue reading the articles posted in this site so you can see you have been utterly mislead. FFI does not advocate killing people. I believe once a Muslim acts upon his murderous thoughts and becomes a terrorist he should be dealt with with accordingly. Once you become a terrorist, you are a danger to innocent lives. I also believe we should take away many of the privileges that are given to Muslims such as allowing them to build mosques where they preach hate, give sermons that advocate killing non-Muslims, publish and distribute hate literature,etc. I believe we must put surveillance cameras is every mosque and monitor what is being taught there. I think it is time to realize that Islam is the enemy and all those who follow this cult are potential dangers. Mein Kamph is banned in many Western countries. The Quran should be banned too. This book is a manual of terror.

Yes it is time to get serious with Islam, but that does not mean we should butcher Muslims. You got it all wrong my dear. We want to wean Muslims from Islam and win them to our site. We are not calling for the death of anyone.

As for reforming Islam, I don't think that is possible. It is a waste of time. All we have to do is tell the truth about Islam and it will be eradicated as Muslims will see the lie and will leave it. How do you propose to reform a lie? Islam is being reformed by the Salafis. When you reform Islam you get terrorism. That is because the essence of Islam is terrorism and Muhammad was a terrorist. If you want to get rid of terrorism, you should get rid of Islam and the only way that is possible is to tell the truth about it.

Ali Sina.
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