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Dr. Muhammed Rahoumy(now Dr. Samuel Paul) - former Dean in Al Azhar Islamic University in Cairo Egypt.

He was the Dean of Al Azhar Islamic University in Cairo Egypt. For those of you who haven’t heard of Al Azhar, it is the oldest and most prestigious Islamic school of theology and mosque in the world.

Dr. Muhammed Rahoumy (now Dr. Samuel Paul) left Islam in 2000, and now lives in the USA. He has written a book about his experience and why he left Islam in a great book entitled “The Unknown God”. This book started a huge commotion in the Middle East considering that the person who wrote it is such a high ranking muslim official. The book was only published in the Arabic language.
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Rev KK Alavi - Son of a staunch Islamic cleric, India - The preacher Muslim extremists love to hate

Thiruvananthapuram – Manjeri in Kerala is a predominantly Muslim town and a popular Islamic pilgrimage spot. In this town, the name of The Rev. K.K. Alavi, the son of a devout Islamic cleric, sends shivers to the conservative Muslims.

Called “one of the bravest Christians in India,” Rev. Alavi has been receiving numerous death threats from Muslim fundamentalists, ever since he accepted Christ at the age of 21.

According to news sources, Muslim clerics, in their prayer meetings, mention his name as an enemy of Islam and even killers were hired by Islamic extremist groups to snuff out his life. Besides vilifying the pastor in Muslim conferences, newsletters and newspapers, Islamic outfits have also circulated audio cassettes in India and the Middle East maligning Rev. Alavi and his Christian mission. Many have also falsely filed court cases against him, charging him with crimes ranging from cheating to arms smuggling and rape.

However, undeterred, the 53-year old Rev. Alavi continues to do what he does best – preach the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Besides having written more than 20 books and tracts calling upon Muslims to understand the true essence of the teachings of Jesus, Rev. Alavi also oversees a literature program of tracts, booklets and study aides examining Islamic viewpoints on Christianity.

“Last month, a few reporters came to me warning that killers were out to take me down,”Compass Direct quoted Rev. Alavi as saying. “All my life I have had threats from fundamentalists. So I wasn’t surprised to hear this from reporters who were tipped off by a source with a radical Indian Islamic group.”

Police officials and intelligence agencies have also confirmed that certain Islamic groups are out to kill him, Compass Direct reported.

Though the Kerala High Court has sanctioned police protection for him, Rev. Alavi, who pastors an independent Lutheran church, New Hope India Mission, has shrugged aside the offer. “I can claim security from police wherever I go, but I believe if I do that I’ll lose the protection of my guardian angels,” he said. “So I’ve declined man’s support and have turned to God’s care and protection. Who can kill me if God’s with me?”

According to Rev. Alavi, the attempts on his life were made as early as 1981 when a Muslim mob attacked his house with machetes. “I ran all the way to the police station. Later I took refuge at the home of a Hindu attorney,” he recalled. In another instance, an unidentified gunman shot at his house, leaving marks on the wall that are still visible today. Even in the church he is not safe. “Once while I was speaking in a church, a man pointed a gun at me…but he had to flee when a Lutheran sister tried to talk to him,” he recalled.

“My family was shaken, but I knew the Lord would protect me,” he said.

Rev. Alavi still receives many threatening letters from militant organizations such as Tiger Force and the Islamic Front. His church has been attacked several times and the Cross destroyed.

“Now, sources have alerted me that I’m on the hit list prepared by the Muslim fundamentalist National Development Front,” he said.

Why? Because “I happened to be the first Muslim in a Muslim town who still converts Muslims in modern times,” he said. “They saw clearly that I’m a sort of a bridge for many to walk to Jesus. They could never stand the idea. Hence I happen to be their foremost enemy.”

Such are the ordeals of a pastor whose widely published testimony has inspired hundreds of Indian Muslims to turn to the path of Jesus. His life story, published in a booklet titled An End of a Search, is translated into 32 languages and circulated in many cities in southern India.
Source : http://in.christiantoday.com/news/soc_238.htm

His Testimony : http://www.the-good-way.com/eng/article/a16.htm
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Rev. Khalid Soomro - Pakistani ex-Muslim

Pakistan: Ex-Muslim Christian cleric's house burned, life threatened
Karachi. A famous Scholar and Vatican decorated Pakistani Christian Rev. Khalid Soomro who engaged himself in volunteer services to [manage] PCP(Pakistan Christian Post) Karachi Bureau office is not safe in Pakistan. Muslim extremist group set his house on fire on July 27 [but he and his family survived]. The family members of Mr. Soomro informed PCP about threatening e-mails and calls to Mr. KM Soomro, which have pushed him to hidings in Pakistan.


One of the Threat e-mail reads as:

Mr.Khalid Mansoor Soomro

I am editor of (Zarb-e-Momin) a large weekly-circulated newspaper. I come to know that you become kafir (infidel) and left Islam, and you are working against Islam in an Islamic country. This is too much.

Behave yourself and repent and again enter into Islam, otherwise, our youths will be forced to make you human being. I have read your testimonies and know about your activities. This is the first and last warning to you, your family and your whole network. If I heard any negative activity on your end then we will be on right path to punish you.

Your father
Haji Abdul Rasheed

http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/a ... 002748.php

Rev. Khalid Soomro house set on fire by terrorists in Pakistan
http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/ne ... newsid=507
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. Rev. Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo - Pakistani, International Director of UK-based Barnabas Fund.

The Rev. Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo is the international director of the Barnabas Fund based in England. The Fund is a ministry which assists Christian minorities in the Islamic world and in other areas where Christians undergo persecution. Dr. Sookhdeo was recently in the United States where he spoke with David W. Virtue of VirtueOnline. Dr. Sookhdeo is a leading world authority on Islam, author of several books on Islam including "Understanding Islamic Terrorism" and "A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam". Born in Pakistan of Islamic parentage he converted to Christianity while a student in London in the early 60s.


His interview : http://www.reality.org.nz/articles/48/48-sookhdeo.asp

His books :
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El-Faqi, an ex-Imam and lawyer

Sudan: Ex-Imam starts 'jail churches'
El-Faqi, an ex-Imam and lawyer, was imprisoned in March 1998 following his conversion to Christianity. He is slowly becoming a problem for the Islamic government: many people have become Christians as a result of his testimony, and the government don't know what to do with him. The 'Christian Imam' has been transferred from one jail to another, but every time, the same thing happened: he told his fellow prisoners about Jesus, and has started 'jail churches' in all of the prisons he has been in, according to a recent report.
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Taysir Abu Saada "Tass" - Islamic Fatah fighter trained to kill Jews.

Taysir Abu Saada ("Tass") was a Fatah fighter trained to kill Jews. His hatred was so strong he dreamed of poisoning Jews who frequented the restaurant where he worked. He was born without a homeland in the Gaza Strip, in 1951. His parents immigrated to Saudi Arabia where he was raised as a Muslim. Tass hated Jews, and the fact of Israel's existence. After the ’67 war with Israel, Tass joined the “Fatah Forces” (PLO under Yasser Arafat). In Fatah, Tass was trained as a sniper to kill Jews. He also trained children to fight and kill Jews.

In 1974, Tass came to the United States. He married an American girl (Karen) and worked in the restaurant and hotel industries, where he became successful and reached executive positions. Tass became an American citizen in 1979. Through a supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in 1993, Tass became a “born again” believer. Tass and Karen now devote their lives to taking the message of Jesus to the people Tass hated the most (the Jews) and to the brethren he was willing to die for (the Muslims).

“When I invited Christ into my heart, God put in my heart a burden to
pray—for the Jews first, and then for the Muslims,” says Tass. “God gave me a genuine love for them. After that time, in all my interactions with Jews, I showed love to them. It was amazing grace! I realized I didn't hate these people anymore. God is at work in my life! I don't understand what happened, but hatred had been cleansed by a Jew, Jesus Christ. Nothing on earth can cleanse the heart of a Palestinian toward a Jew. Only Christ's grace can do that.”

Since 1997, Tass and Karen have made their home in Bethel, Missouri, where they are part of the Heartland community, bringing the hope of Christ to the hurting. They have two grown children, Benali and Farah, who are both serving the Lord.


His testimony : http://www.biblenetworknews.com/northam ... 2_usa.html
(Audio in the same page)
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Hajji Husman Mohamed - a former ethiopian Muslim Imam

Ethiopia - Former Imam and schoolboy beaten for their faith in Christ.

In a report released today by Voice of the Martyrs, the persecution watchdog group documented recent cases of severe physical abuse, confiscation and destruction of property, extortion, kidnapping, forcible marriage and the unlawful imprisonment of evangelical Christians in the Southern Region of Ethiopia.

In the most recent incident, a Christian student was repeatedly stabbed by assailants as he returned home from school on February 1, 2005, VOM reported. "His family has appealed to authorities but if past experience is any indication, a proper investigation is unlikely," the watchdog group added.

VOM also learned that, on the same day, in Alaba, Hajji Husman Mohamed and his family were severely beaten, including his pregnant wife. For more than an hour, the attackers physically abused everyone in the house, VOM wrote. Hajji, a former Muslim Imam, has reportedly suffered several times since his conversion to Christ in March 2003. Last December, all of his property was taken from him, including his furniture, cattle, and a year's supply of grain.

VOM has also received reports that, in early January, thirty-two believers were chased out of the village of Besheno, located approximately 30 km northeast of Alaba. "The Muslims who organised the attack are now checking every vehicle entering the community to ensure that no Christians return," VOM stated.

Sources say the Ethiopian Constitution has allowed a certain degree of flexibility in administering justice given the remote nature of much of Ethiopia. It provides, for example, legal standing to some pre-existing religious and customary courts and gives federal and regional legislatures the authority to recognise other courts. By law, all parties to a dispute must agree before a customary or religious court may hear a case. Shari'ah courts may hear religious and family cases involving Muslims. In addition, other traditional systems of justice, such as councils of elders, continue to function in the country. Although not sanctioned by law, these traditional courts typically resolve disputes for the majority of citizens who lived in rural areas and who generally have little access to formal judicial systems. "Unfortunately, this also opens up the system to abuse, such as is being seen in the region near Alaba," VOM reported.

According to VOM, the Alaba self-governing administration is the first regional office in Ethiopia to have requested the government to implement Shari'ah law. Ninety-nine percent of the population in Alaba is Muslim, with less than one percent being Ethiopian Orthodox. The tiny fraction remaining is Evangelical. Islam is the identity of the Alaba tribe. As one church leader put it to VOM sources, in this town, "Islam means Alaba and Alaba means Islam."

http://www.christiantoday.com/news/miss ... ia/249.htm
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Zachariah Anani - Lebanese Islamic Ex-Militant A former Muslim and militia fighter, Zachariah Anani escaped death 15 times after becoming a Christian and still risks sharing his faith.

Zachariah Anani was teenage militia fighter, now uses his upbringing and studies in an all-Muslim university to teach on Islam and equip Canadian Christians to effectively evangelize Muslims.

Anani knows Islam intimately. Born into a family of Muslim clergy in Beirut, Lebanon, he began Islamic school at age three. His grandfather and great grandfather had been imams (religious authorities), and his family expected him to carry the torch.

At 13 he joined one of the many military groups that existed in the early '70s. "All the religious fragments had their own secret militia," he says. "I was trained to fight and kill Jews and to hate Christians and Americans."

His family was pleased with his decision because according to Islamic teaching, those who die in battle against "unbelievers" are assured of reaching heaven. Ironically, Anani faced the Israelis only once. Most of the time, though, the Muslim groups fought among themselves.

More of his testimony :
http://www.shoebat.com/anani.php?PHPSES ... f831dab492
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Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner - Turkish ex-Muslim, Now Dean of Liberty Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Va

He has been called the "Intellectual Pit Bull of the evangelical world" by the national media. He debated Michael Moore in a nationally syndicated column entitled "Hatriotism." He has spoken on over fifty university and college campuses, debating Hindi, Buddhist, Muslim and Bah'ai scholars. He has been interviewed on virtually every national media outlet, and has been castigated by the Washington Post and the LA Times. He has addressed the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference twice, and has given keynote addresses at seven major denominational meetings. He has spoken to over fifty thousand college and high school students in major concerts. Recently, he was called the "leading young voice for cultural apologetics and world religions" by the PAX network.

In the war on terror, he understands both sides ... because he has been on both sides. Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner is Full Professor of Theology and Church History at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Dr. Caner was raised the son of an Islamic leader. In 1982, he converted to the Christian faith after emigrating to this country. As a consequence of this conversion, he was disowned by his family. Caner has three Masters Degrees and two Doctorates, the Doctor of Theology coming from the University of South Africa. Along with his brother, Dr. Emir Caner (Professor of History and Anabaptist Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) Ergun is author of eleven books, including the new best seller CHRISTIAN JIHAD (Kregel 2004). CHRISTIAN JIHAD has been endorsed by Beth Moore and Ann Coulter, and examines the recent war in light of thirteen hundred years of Islamic-Christian conflict. His previous books on Islam have sold almost 200,000 copies. UNVEILING ISLAM won the Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Since the September 11th bombing, Caner has appeared on such national television shows as Fox News, various CNN shows, MSNBC, the 700 Club, Zola Levitt, John Ankerberg and others. He and his wife, Jill, have two sons.

The Rev. Ergun Caner spoke on the opening night of the North Alabama Bible Conference at Decatur Baptist Church.

Former Muslim Says Islam is not a Peaceful Religion
http://www.moriel.org/articles/israel/f ... aceful.htm

His WebSite : http://www.erguncaner.com/

His Testimony : http://www.absc.org/royalambassadors/canertestimony.wma
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Hamran Ambrie - Indonesian Ex-Muslim Priest
During former days I was an active Muslim, an organizer of the Muhammadiyah movement and a preacher of Islam. In 1947, I was chosen to be the Chairman of the Kalimantan Muslim Congress in Amuntai, together with K.H. Idham Chalid. In 1950-51 I became a Muslim priest in the army in Banjarmasin, with the rank of Second Lieutenant. My articles were published in Islamic magazines such as Mingguan Adil in Solo; Mingguan Risalah Jihad in Jakarta and Mingguan Anti Komunis in Bandung. I cooperated with aggressive anti-Christians from 1936 in Muara Teweh (Barito) and until 1962 sympathized with groups who intended to establish Islamic rule over Indonesia, which would have automatically stood against Christians.

Actually, I had owned a Bible since 1936. However, I did not read in it to find its truth, but to search for paragraphs which could support my standpoint as a Muslim with an anti-Christian attitude, and thus be able to attack the Christian faith more effectively.

I was a slanderer of Jesus Christ until the age of 40, completely rejecting his divinity. I purposely ridiculed and rejected the truth. But the love of God was so great, that he sought, found and saved me.

More of his testimony :
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Mohammed Amin - Former Ethiopian Islamic Cleric

Muslim Cleric Healed of AIDS
By Victor Oladokun
CBN WorldReach

CBN.com -
Barren for years, one desperate mother made a vow to God that if God would bless her with a son, then her son would become God's servant all the days of his life. So when this woman gave birth to a son, named Mohammed, she and her husband decided that he would not go to a regular school, but instead would study the Koran and become an Imam.

That was the destiny of Mohammed Amin, who grew up in the Juma province of Ethiopia and looked after the cows and goats for his father, a local farmer.

As a teenager, Mohammed obtained a scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia. There he learned Arabica and Koranic studies. While in Saudi Arabia, he says "every day, I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning to pray. My dream was to spread Islam in Ethiopia, neighboring countries and throughout the world."

In spite of his devotion, Mohammed says one thing always troubled him: "Deep down in my heart, I realized that something was missing in my life, something important. My heart lacked peace. I was empty."

Nine years later, fully trained as an Islamic scholar, Mohammed returned to his native Ethiopia. He began to teach the Koran in one of the largest mosques in Jummaa.

A couple of years later, he left Ethiopia again, this time for further studies in Sudan. But within a year, Mohammed returned to Ethiopia. Mysteriously, his health had begun to fail very quickly.

"Previously I had (gained) a lot of weight. However, I had become a walking skeleton. I lost my hair. The only recognizable parts of my body were my nose and teeth. The rest of my body was wasting away."

His family took him to the hospital, but all attempts by doctors to heal him failed.

"I was struck with painful boils and sores from the sole of my feet to the top of my head. I was in terrible pain. The skin on my body began to peel off."

For years Mohammed Amin had kept a secret: he slept around and patronized prostitutes.

Even though he was publicly respected as a religious teacher, he says, "privately I was the worst of sinners. I say this not out of humility but out of shame. I am not proud of what I had done. I had contracted AIDS as a result of a promiscuous lifestyle."

As Sheik Mohammed lay dying of AIDS in the hospital, his family began preparing for his funeral. As far as they and the doctors were concerned, he had only a little time to live. But it was at that point that something miraculous happened.

"Late one night I received a vision," Amin says. "In my vision, the hospital room glowed with a bright light. Jesus, dressed as a doctor, came into the room and stood by my bed. He looked at me with love and affection and said, 'Mohammed rise up.'

"Being a Moslem, I was confused. I began to say to myself, 'How can I get up when there is no strength in me?' But Jesus seemed to know what I was thinking. He came closer and began to touch my sick body. He took my hand and sat on my bed. I cannot fully explain the feelings. It was so special. Suddenly, I was filled with joy, peace and happiness."

At that point, Mohammed says he believed he was healed. More importantly, he no longer believes Jesus is a just a prophet. Instead he says, "Now I believe Jesus is the Son of God. I have also decided to follow Him."

Mohammed had been bedridden for four months and twenty-five days. Barely a week after he claims Jesus appeared to him he began to walk again. But that is not all. Previous AIDS tests had shown that he had full blown AIDS. Amazingly, new tests showed that Mohammed was no longer HIV positive. Miraculously, Sheik Mohammed Amin had been healed of AIDS.

Ferea Lema, a young evangelist, was introduced to Mohammed Amin shortly after he left the hospital.

"He was a walking skeleton. He was covered with wounds and scary to look at. People feared him because of the disease he had encountered. When I saw him, I was filled with love and compassion," he says.

Ferea took Mohammed home, gave him a bed, and daily washed his wounds and sores.

It was an act of kindness that has totally changed Sheik Mohammed Amin's life. Now a full time evangelist, he shares the love of Jesus and the miraculous story of his healing from AIDS in villages, towns and churches all over.

"If Jesus had not come to my bed in that hospital and touched my body and my soul, first I would have lost everlasting life; secondly, I would have suffered for eternity. But He gave me physical healing, everlasting life and peace that passes all understanding."

http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/online ... f_aids.asp

http://www.cbnworldreach.com/indexFrame ... ntentFrame
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El-Akkad - Former Muslim Preacher, Egypt

Former Muslim Preacher's Conversion Leads to Imprisonment

WASHINGTON, June 23 /U.S. Newswire/ -- This week in Cairo, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice criticized Egypt's use of emergency decrees. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is protesting the arrest and continued imprisonment of Bahaa-Eldin El-Akkhad, a former Islamic preacher from Al Talebiya, Giza, in Lower Egypt.

El-Akkad, 46, was arrested on April 6, 2005 under Egypt's Emergency Security Law for endangering national unity by converting to Christianity. Egyptian State Security Prosecutor Tarek Abdelshakour focused his interrogation of El-Akkad on allegations that he had "defamed Islam."

After 45 days of incarceration, El-Akkad was transferred to Mazra'at Tora Prison in Cairo where political prisoners are held. Human rights activists have described Tora Prison as the worst prison in Egypt, because of its rampant torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners.

Though Egypt signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which calls for the freedom of religion, the government continues to arrest Christian converts who leave Islam.

"The Egyptian government has pledged to the international community that it will work for democratic reform, yet it continues to violate its own rule of law when it comes to Christians and the free exercise of conscience," says Fr. Keith Roderick, CSI's Washington Representative.

Amnesty International and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights have provided extensive documentation on the use of torture against those detained because of emergency legislation.

CSI is demanding the immediate release of Bahaa El-Din El- Akkad and an end to the Egyptian government's policy of targeting those who convert from Islam, apostates, as political prisoners.

El-Akkad is married and has three children. Prior to his conversion, he was associated with the Tabligh and Da'wa Committee in Al Telabiya. The movement, known for its propagation and preaching, began in India and was founded by Imam Muhammad Kandahlawey in 1867.

When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Mohammed Altaf( Now Simon Altaf) - Pakistani ex-Muslim - Abrahamic Faith Ministries

Simon Altaf a former Muslim from Pakistan, now based in London, who writes books to alert Christians to the dangers of ignoring or underestimating Islam.

Abrahamic Faith Ministries was founded by Simon Altaf who discovered God's love for Israel.

Simon Altaf : "I am an Ex-Muslim Convert of the dominant Sunni sect from Lahore, Pakistan. I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ back in September 1998 after reading the testimony of an Egyptian convert while browsing the internet one day. Later Walid and I both decided to create a website on the internet, http://www.abrahamic-faith.com, to propagate the truth to the world about what is coming to pass. Our aim is not to spurn hatred or draw enemy lines, far from it, our aim is to show all people the deception that they have been lured into, whether they be Muslims who do not recognise the path of self-destruction that they have chosen so that all may be touched by the light of life and Christians who have not discerned the signs of the times. As Ephesians 6:12 quite rightly states: ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ Our fight is against the spiritual forces of Islam not flesh and blood, Walid being an Arab and me being a Pakistani we can fight against what is in effect our own flesh and our own blood and for this reason we strive to expose the fallacy of fundamentalist Islam and the threat that it poses to the world. Our testimonies can be found at the end of this book.

"I believe in the God of Israel (YHWH) who re-established Israel in her original land in 1948 as he promised in the Bible (Isaiah 66:, I proclaim that (Jesus of Nazareth) of Israel is Yeshua who died for my sins and became my sin offering. It is time for people to look at the Hebrew Scriptures to discover the truth. I am offering these numerous articles explaining why the Bible alone is God's written word and Yeshua is the only one who is Messiah of Israel."

His Website : www.abrahamic-faith.com

His testimony can be found in his book "This is our Eden, This is our End" (Co-authored with Walid Shoebet(Ex-Islamic PLO Terrorist)

When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Reverend Donald Fareed - Iranian Ex-Muslim

Donald Fareed, a former Iranian Shiite Muslim turned evangelical Christian and President of the non-profit organization Persian Ministries International, is partnering with Sattar Deldar, a pro-democracy Muslim television broadcasting executive, to promote democracy and regime change in Iran.

A former Shi’ite Muslim, Reverend Donald Fareed is fulfilling his call to reach Muslims for Christ. An ordained minister and founding pastor of the Bay Area Persian Churches of San Mateo and Santa Clara, he is also the founder and president of Persian Ministries International(PMI).

Through his ministries millions of Muslims have heard the Gospel and thousands received Jesus Christ.

Fareed and the PMI team are determined to continue reaching out to the estimated 100 million Persian-speaking people of the world, the majority of whom live in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Southern part of Iraq. Fareed has teamed up with Muslim satellite television stations to broadcast a unique message of not only the gospel, but a message of democracy and religious freedom.

Ex-Muslim Seeks to Transform Iran with Christian Broadcasts

The head of a California-based ministry aimed at reaching Muslims for Christ says the gospel of Jesus Christ is not the only message he takes to millions of people in Iran. The U.S. evangelist, born in Iran, is also preaching the virtues of democracy to people in his native country at every opportunity.

Donald Fareed, a former Muslim himself, came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior 14 years ago. He went on to become an ordained minister and the founding pastor of the Bay Area Persian Churches of San Mateo and Santa Clara, California.

Fareed also began Persian Ministries International, an evangelistic outreach based in San Jose, through which he works to fulfill his call -- to bring others out of Islam and into the knowledge of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Today he uses his weekly satellite television program to carry the gospel back to his homeland.

But the ministry founder notes that many social and political obstacles to evangelism exist in Iran, and Persian Christians face severe persecution. "As soon as people convert," he explains,"[the authorities] catch them and put them in jail. So we need democracy there. We need freedom."

Still, Fareed acknowledges that spiritual change must take precedence over social or political change. "Freedom without Christ is going to bring corruption, of course," he says. "So the first thing is the gospel and the second thing is democracy."

On the other hand, Fareed does make use of his weekly broadcasts to encourage his former countrymen to push for a new government. At the same time, he tries to educate his listeners, because he wants the Iranian people to learn about the positive values, standards, and ethics of Western culture.

"Preaching the gospel is not the only thing," the Christian pastor and evangelist asserts. "Of course we're teaching them about ideal Western values, and we're encouraging them to [pursue] a referendum -- free elections."

Fareed is hopeful that, through Persian Ministries, he can help to effect spiritual transformation among the people of Iran by turning hearts toward Jesus. At the same time, he is praying for and sowing seeds toward a transformation of values that will usher in a freer, more just and democratic Iran in the future.


His Testimony : http://www.persianministries.org/about/donaldfareed.php

Why I am not a Muslim : http://www.persianministries.org/video/high_why.wmv

His WebSite : http://www.persianministries.org
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Ibrahim Abdullah - former PLO Terrorist

Ibrahim Abdallah Relates his Personal Story

I was born in 1963 in Dearborn Michigan; I was raised as a Muslim which would be regarded in the West as Radical, but in reality was main stream. We were raised to hate the Jews. All our problems we believe stemmed from the Jews.

In 1981 at the age 18 I emigrated to Israel, I became a member of a Fatah, the main radical group associated with the PLO. I committed many heinous crimes against Israel and The Jewish people, such as:

One specific day we spotted a car driven by an Israeli man- we started to throw stones until he and his family crashed into a pole. We saw blood splattered on the window. We then ran away when we heard the police sirens. We had no regard for the lives of the occupants of the car. We celebrated our triumphant act of that day.
In another incident outside of Ramalah, we threw molotov cocktails at a passenger bus that had a mix of both Muslims and Jews on board. We spotted them and then went into action. I did not care. We had a mission to wreak havoc and destruction. It was our goal to cause a fatality. Luckily that day we failed to cause the bus to crash, as the bombs bounced off the roof of the bus.

There was an Israeli taxi that we spotted during a riot, we began our rain of terror, and we threw rocks in frenzy, the stones were so numerous as to be compared to a plague of locusts. We wanted to kill Jews so badly. As the vehicle spun out of control, we cheered as we ran away. From a distance we saw the Israeli jeeps arrive to the scene to secure the area. We praised Allah and hoped that we had killed our first Jews so we could go to heaven. Thank- fully we did not.

One day the Israeli Army secured Ramalah and they arrested me and others connected with my group. I was recruited by extreme radicals. While in confinement at the military prison outside Ramalah we were trained how to infiltrate Lebanon and build bombs. I learned how to hand glide and be a lookout. I was trained ready to conquer or die as a Shaheed (martyr). I was eager and zealous to continue tormenting the Israeli military and innocent Jews. Upon my conditional release I was not given the opportunity to carry out my mission. The government gave me 48 hours to gather my belongings and say goodbye to my family. I could never return to Israel.

1989 to 1990 I started studying the Quran to become a more devout Muslim, as a result many questions arose in my mind based on inconsistencies in the teachings versus the Quran and I then began to study the Bible. Now I believe that the Bible is the only true book. I became a Christian, today I feel guilty about my actions, I want to confess and ask forgiveness from Israel and the Jewish People. The Jewish people are the most forgiving and peaceful people in the world. I thank the Israeli authorities for releasing me ( I did not deserve to be released) and come back to America. Today, I care about the Jewish people, and all of Gods children. Now I have another mission. It is to reach the Muslims and to prevent such incidents against mankind. I want to speak out to the world and tell the truth concerning Israel and the Jewish people.


Ibrahim Abdullah on the Laurie Roth show


3 former Islamic Terrorits(Ibrahim Abdullah, Walid Shoebad, Zachariah Anani - Now Christians) talk about Mindset of Terrorists and Terrorism.
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Bilquis Sheikh - former wife of a Minister of the Interior, in Pakistan

Does God still speak to people today? This true story answers that question with a resounding yes.

Bilquis Sheikh was a high-born Muslim, former wife of a Minister of the Interior, in Pakistan. Searching in the Koran, she found references to the prophet Jesus. So she turned to the pages of the Christian Bible to see if they could shed more light on this mysterious figure. At the same time a series of strange dreams launched her on a quest that would bring her to crisis point. Was Islam still the right way for her, or could God be known more personally? Her decision would change her life for ever.

God gave her dreams and visions about John the Baptist, about himself as God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit. He led her to read the Bible.

Her family came to know of her new beliefs and confronted her. She was so convinced of her new found truth, however, that they plotted to kill her. They even tried to burn her house. Her family boycotted her, and the servants, who were Muslims, left her, calling her a traitor and an infidel. She received many threats from her family and outsiders. An Army General of Pakistan visited, asking her why did you do it?? She replied she has been called to witness Jesus Christ and she will obey Him, no matter what comes her way. She finally escaped to the US and wrote a book about her experiences. (http://net-burst.net/hot/muslim.htm)

To Know more about Bilquis Sheikh : http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Bi ... gle+Search

The Miraculous Story of a Prominent Muslim Woman's Encounter With God,
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Ak-Beket - former Imam, Kazakhstan

Muslim theologian and imam has converted to a christianity

(Poorly translated in English, Still worth reading)

In 1998 well-known muslim theologian imam Ak-Beket, the kazakh on a nationality, has accepted holy baptizing.

To him there were 46 years by then, has deserved popularity not only in Kazakhstan, but also in all muslim world as author of the book "The New message of Allah to the world". Ahead his the brilliant career waited. But it has not prevented imam to accept the decision, unsafe for his life.

His conversion Ak-Beket explains by own spiritual growth, he has declared, that "I has become stronger in a idea: only through a christianity there can be âîññîåäèíåíèå of the man with the God, whereas an islam - faster culture, than religion. To understand it to him have helped the conversations with the orthodox priests, study of the literature and personal religious experience.

Ak-Beket speaks, that he pursues the purpose to legalize a christianity in Kazakhstan. As he said, he has undergone already to threats on the part of religious and nacionalists figures".

Kazakhstan differ from the other post-Soviet states by low share of aboriginal nation. Even after migration of Russian population in the beginning 1990-th, Kazakhs make up only about 55% of total population, moreover in half of areas they are ethnic-confessional minority.

The Kazakhs have accepted Islam only about two hundred years ago, and the most part of them especial in flat country, concern to it with indifference, vestiges of heathenism are still strong.

Muslim clergy repeatedly outspeak concernment by Christian missioners success. In 1994 the management of Kazakhstan muftiate had distributed the open letter, in which was expressed the concern by renunciation of youth "from the religion of ancestors" and it was offered legislatively "to forbid for the Kazakhs to convert in other religions". Fortunately, this request was not adopted by officials.

When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Mullah Assad Ullah - Former mullah, Afganistan

Taliban militants target converts to Christianity.

September 9 (Compass) — Five Afghan men who had converted to Christianity have been killed in separate incidents since late June near the borders of eastern Afghanistan.

All five men were stabbed or beaten to death in summary executions by Taliban adherents who accused them of abandoning Islam and then “spreading Christianity” in their communities.

The first stabbing death was reported on July 1 by Reuters news agency, which received a telephone call from a Taliban spokesman identifying himself as Abdul Latif Hakimi.

The caller declared that a group of Taliban fighters had killed Mullah Assad Ullah the previous day in Ghazni province’s remote Awdand region, a known Taliban stronghold and traditional seat of Islamic learning.

“A group of Taliban dragged out Mullah Assad Ullah and slit his throat with a knife because he was propagating Christianity,” Hakimi told Reuters. “We have enough evidence and local accounts to prove that he was involved in the conversion of Muslims to Christianity.”

Hakimi went on to accuse a number of foreign aid agencies of involvement in spreading Christianity among Afghanistan’s overwhelmingly Muslim population.

“We warn them that they face the same destiny as Assad Ullah if they continue to seduce people,” he told Reuters. At least 33 foreign aid workers have been killed by the Taliban in the past 18 months.

According to local sources, Assad Ullah was seized in broad daylight while at the market buying fruit and vegetables for his family. His attackers reportedly dragged his dead body around the market area, shouting warnings that the same fate awaited anyone else who listened to his heretical teachings.

The former mullah had first obtained a copy of the New Testament about five years ago, while still living under the Taliban regime. He had been baptized secretly about two and one-half years ago.

In his mid-40s, Assad Ullah is survived by a widow and four daughters, ages 7 to 14.

The murder of another Afghan convert to Christianity who had gone to visit Assad Ullah’s family was confirmed on August 7. According to a fellow convert, the body of Naveed ul-Rehman was discovered in early August near his abandoned car in Awdand, at the same marketplace where the former mullah had been killed.

Nothing had been stolen from ul-Rehman’s pockets or car, nor was any evidence found to reveal the identity of his attackers.

About 40 years of age, ul-Rehman was a well educated Afghan who had been living in Kabul since his return to Afghanistan. He was married without children.

During the month of July, another three Afghan Christians were stabbed or beaten to death in separate incidents on July 15, July 23 and July 28. Each left behind a wife and several children.

The three men had been accused by their attackers of studying the Bible, praying in the name of Jesus or associating with other known Afghan converts to Christianity.

In the context of a closed, strictly Muslim society, Afghanistan’s new provisional constitution adopted in December 2003 falls short of any guarantee of religious freedom for its citizens. The document declares Islam the religion of the state, with all laws required to conform to the tenets of Islamic law.

http://www.compassdirect.org/en/newslon ... lement=208
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Some Anonymous Converts

22.Indonesian Imam Left Islam, He also led 3000 Moslems to Christ

A well-informed source, who will, for obvious reasons, remain unnamed, reports that an ex-Imam (Islamic spiritual leader) has led 3,000 Moslems to Jesus in a very short period. He came to believe in Christ through appearances and dreams, in which a white man told him to study the Bible. His method is simple: in conversation, he asks others "Have you seen a white man in your dreams recently?" If they have not, he tells them "I was just wondering. Thanks." If they answer positively, he continues by asking whether they are interested in learning who this white man is. And who is not interested in the identity of a mysterious person who appears in their dreams? The ex-Imam then shows them several Bible passages in which a white-clothed man is mentioned, explaining "That is Jesus. He wants to speak with you, because he wants you to follow him." Many Moslems have been prepared for that step by their supernatural encounters, and accept the invitation.
Source: name and address withheld


23. Mullah finds Jesus in Afghanistan

"In the months since the Taliban regime was overthrown, we've repeatedly heard of people becoming Christians," reports the mission agency Open Doors. "One of these people is Fahmir (name changed), an ex-Mullah. Mullahs are some of the most respected people in Afghan society; they know the whole Koran and many prayers and songs by heart. Fahmir is from a Mullah family, and came to Jesus through contact with a Christian and reading the Bible. 'I used to preach in mosques, now I want to preach the word of God,' he says."

http://www.jesus.org.uk/dawn/2003/dawn0 ... fghanistan

24.Mullah's supernatural conversion - becomes church planter

Mischa (not his real name) grew up near the Ural mountains among the Tatars and Bashkiris in a completely Islamic culture, attended a Koran school and served as a Mullah for three years. During that time, he already had 'uninterpretable dreams'. One of his friends left the Koran school because he had discovered Christianity, and Mischa also began secretly reading the Bible, but was shocked by rumors of human sacrifice in Christian services. Recently, Saggida, a church planter supported by the Swiss missions agency Kingdom Ministries, visited Mischa's home town, known as a spiritist and occult center, to plant a church. She experienced many difficulties, including the death of her daughter and son-in-law in a car accident. Mischa and many others said "It is Allah's anger". Mischa attended the funeral, determined to spread Islam during the coming anniversary celebrations in the young church. However, during the first sermon, he was overcome by some form of drunkenness and could say nothing. The drunkenness passed in time for the second sermon, but he began to shiver and shake and felt as though he was about to die. During the third sermon, he responded to the call to repent, despite being convinced that he was without sin. While praying, God revealed his sins to him. Mischa confessed his sins and called on Jesus; the strong back pains from which he had been suffering were immediately healed. As he later washed his hands, the tattooed words 'Allah u akhbar' were miraculously washed away. He then returned to his village, where he had a dream in which he was told "You are saved, and through you, your whole family and many of your people will be saved." Following a dream in which her deceased mother and Mischa appeared to her, Mischa's sister visited Mischa, who explained the Gospel to her. She was saved, as were other members of Mischa's family and friends. Mischa is now being trained as a church planter.
Source: Kingdom Ministries, fax (+41) 33 437 0016


25.Sudan: Moslem Imam converts

An Islamic teacher and priest (Imam) in Sudan told us that he converted to Christianity at the end of 1995. He told us nobody in the community has yet challenged his decision "because they all know me and are well aware that I understand Islam very well; they realise that I must have good reasons for converting." Following his example, other Moslems have also converted, and he has been leading another group of Moslems who want to learn more about Christianity. "The principle is amazing," he said. "Before my conversion, people recognised me as an Islamic Imam, now, after my conversion, I still have the same position, except I am a Christian Imam."


26.Kosovo - Converted Muslim leads Mullah to Christ

"Klaus Pilichshuisen and Werner and Edith Sperling recently visited Germany missionaries Gater and Therese Weber in Pristina, Kosovo," according to a report in the newsletter of German mission agency "Globe Europe". While there, they met Rahman, in whose 'house' - slightly repaired after being ruined in the war, with two occupable rooms for his family of seven - a church meets. Rahman and his family used to be Muslims, and Rahman describes himself as having been "a terrible, criminal person" before the war. While fleeing to Albania, he heard about Jesus Christ, decided to follow him and was baptized. On his return, his parents and siblings were disquieted by the changes in his life, and sent him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared him sane, so his family demanded that he go to a Mullah to become completely normal again. Rahman went to the 82-year-old Mullah, and told him about Jesus, with the result that the old man also gave his life to Jesus. "Rahman now travels as an evangelist in his area, telling the people of God's love through Jesus," the report concludes.


27.Imam decides to follow Christ after seeing Jesus film

"I recently saw 2,000 Muslims decide to follow Jesus," says Vermeulen. "We arrived in a Muslim village to show the Jesus film. There was not a single Christian family in the village. Our projection screen was too small, and the largest white wall in the village was that of the mosque. We asked the Imam, who granted us permission to show the Jesus film there. That evening, hundreds saw the film, and the Imam was the first to respond to the call to follow Jesus. So many were set free during the ensuing prayer for deliverance from demonic powers that most of the villagers decided to follow the Imam's example. In 5 days, 2,000 Muslims became Christians, and 5 churches were planted to help the people in their new-found faith."


28. Former Mosque Teacher Launches Christian Radio Ministry

A man who was once in training to be a teacher at a Muslim mosque started an indigenous ministry in North Africa that is being helped by Christian Aid. Watching his former teachers practice sorcery scared him and led to a desire to know the true God. Through the witness of an American woman he came to know Christ and, after many years of growth, started a radio ministry that reaches throughout North Africa. Despite the persecution that comes with becoming a Christian and the serious danger associated with sharing the gospel in North Africa, this brother's ministry is growing, and he is seeing numerous people come to Christ. "We had never before heard of anyone speak of Jesus and love as this man did," one listener wrote. "After listening for three years, his inspired messages helped us to know the Lord Jesus Christ. My wife, children, and, my brother, who was also once a teacher at a Muslim mosque, are now all Christians." (Christian Aid Mission)

When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Rev. Mawlawi Dr. Imad ud-Din Lahiz - Prolific Islamic Writer, Preacher, Quranic Translator

Padre Imad-ud Din Lahiz wrote his life story in 1866. This English translation of the Urdu publication, Waqicat-i cImadiyya, is based on a text published by the Punjab Religious Book Society, Lahore, in 1957.

Imad ud-Din was a prolific writer. His works reflect the influence of the two chief contenders of that great debate between Muslims and Christians in Agra in 1854, Mawlawi Rahmat Ullah and Padre C.G. Pfander. In addition to Imad ud-Din’s writing about Islam, its history, faith and practices, his translation of the Qur’an into Urdu and his many Bible commentaries, he responded to the works of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan. Much within some of his writings offers us his reasons in detail for his conversion to Christ.

The writer became a Christian on April 29, 1866 simply for the sake of attaining salvation.

His Testimony : http://answering-islam.org.uk/Testimonies/mawlawi.html
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Khalif Majid Hassan - Former Islamic Preacher, Minister in the Nation of Islam

By 1974 I had started reading the Quran and other Islamic books. These books did not coincide with some of the teachings of Mr. Muhammad. Around this time Elijah Muhammad's son, Wallace D. Muhammad, started teaching the ministers in the Nation of Islam, probably to prepare the members for the death of his father. At the time of his death on February 26, 1975, I was in Chicago. That day Wallace D. Muhammad was declared the leader of the Nation of Islam. He reinterpreted some of the teachings of his father and even admitted some mistakes that his father had made. He claimed that his father was wrong for teaching that White people were devils. In this way, Wallace D. Muhammad began to bring the followers of Elijah Muhammad into the mainstream of Islam. I can remember when Elijah Muhammad was asked by a foreign Muslim, "Mr. Muhammad, what is this strange teaching that you are teaching the people." Elijah Muhammad replied, "I am not here to teach Islam. I am here to save a baby from the fire." Wallace Muhammad taught that his father wanted to wake up the sleeping black giant by sending a shock wave throughout the Black community.

I read the entire Quran and any book about Islam that I could find. Since no Muslim can pray properly in English, I learned to say my prayers in Arabic. I began to travel and study intensively under imams in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria. I read as many Hadith's about the traditions of Prophet Muhammad as I could. Because of my study, I eventually obtained the position of an imam. I delivered sermons in the mosque, led congregational prayers, and taught Islam on college campuses, in schools, and in communities. I began preaching very strongly against Christianity.

Around 1985, I began discussing Islam with my family. Islam teaches that Allah is one, not three. How could he be one and three at the same time? I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but I could not comprehend the concept of three in one.

My twin sister was attending a school called Christ for the Nations in Texas. We often wrote to each other. She wrote her views on Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I wrote about Jesus Christ as a prophet from my Islamic perspective.

Once I wrote telling my sister that Jesus could not have died on the cross, otherwise it would have been like committing suicide, since one man cannot die for everybody's sins. She phoned and told me, "Regardless of what you say or believe, Jesus died for your sins and he loves you. Someday you are going to accept Christ and become a Christian." I responded, "Not in a million years!" We continued to write and call each other. I also had conversations with my other two sisters and mother about Islam versus Christianity.

One day, my sister and I were talking on the phone when she said, "I have been praying for you and I challenge you to pray and ask God to prove to you that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he died on the cross for your sins." I accepted the challenge, because I love challenges and because I was confident in Islam. I decided that if God would prove to me that Christ died for my sins, then I would become a Christian. If not, I would teach and promote Islam like never before. I prayed that prayer often. I did not realize until later that hundreds of people were praying for my conversion.

For Full Testimony : http://answering-islam.org.uk/Testimonies/hassan.html
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Jeremiah Fard Muhammad - Muslim minister, now Christian evangelist

The life of Dr. Jeremiah Cummings is so much like the life of the apostle Paul in that he too opposed Christianity as a Minister and Student under Minster Louis Farrakhan of the nation of Islam for nine and a half years.

But in 1997 Minister Jeremiah Fard Muhammad came to know Christ as his Savior in a mighty way. After thirteen months of intense study and forty-three days of fasting and prayer, God filled Jeremiah Fard Muhammad with the Holy Ghost. God called Jeremiah Cummings to be an Evangelist to the world and a teacher that will reach the 1.2 billion Muslims whom the Bible calls the seed of Ishmael.

After reading in the book of Psalms 18:3 which says, "I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised," Jeremiah changed his name from Muhammad to Cummings because the name "Muhammad" also means "one who is worthy to be praised." Evangelist Cummings realized that only God is worthy to be Praised, so he became known as Evangelist Jeremiah Cummings, an Ambassador for Christ.

Prior to Islam in the 1970’s Jeremiah Cummings was the first tenor for the world renown group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and recorded on three gold and two platinum albums including "If You Don't Know Me by Now" and "Wakeup Everybody".

Reveals the Bible and the Koran scriptures and openly reveals Jesus as the Messiah from the Koran. Over 100,000 Muslims have converted to Christ, and counting.


His Books,

Testimony : http://www.wicctv.org/home/index.cfm?page=testimony
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Dr. Abraham Sarker - Former Muslim, Bangladesh - Now christian Evengelist, Founder of "Gospel for Muslims" Ministries.

Abraham Sarker was born into a devout Sunni Muslim home in Bangladesh, where he was being raised to be a future Islamic leader. Sarker’s mother was an Islamic schoolteacher and his father a prominent Islamic politician. He begins his personal introduction with the statement “This is a story about how God snatched me from the clutches of hell and introduced me to the eternal Savior, Jesus Christ.” This journey began when, at the age of 15, young Abraham had a deeply disturbing dream in which he faced the judgment of God and was thrown into a lake of fire. This dream occurred three times, several days apart, and brought the young man to his knees, asking God to reveal to him the meaning of the terrifying dreams. He tells of his mysterious and dramatic encounter with God while in the mosque, seeking god with all his heart, and the peace that then came over him. It was not a simple process, but God continued to lead him out of darkness into the light, and to show His hand in amazing ways. This young man eventually accepted Christ as his Savior with great joy, but not without a price. He had to face rejection by his family and persecution by those he called friends. As he says, “The gospel was free to me- but it cost me everything to follow Christ.” His faith remained firm, and in time he had the privilege of seeing two of his brothers and his father come to faith in Christ.

http://www.barclaypress.com/cafe/review ... eviewID=35

His Book - "Understand My Muslim People"
When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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Rev. Hamid Pourmand - Former Iranian army colonel

Persecution Watchdogs Protest Trial of Iranian AG Pastor

Christian Persecution watchdog groups are protesting the upcoming trial of an Iranian church leader of an Assemblies of God congregation in Iran.

Thursday, Apr. 7, 2005

Christian Persecution watchdog groups are protesting the upcoming trial of an Iranian church leader of an Assemblies of God congregation in the southern port city of Bandar-i-Bushehr in Iran. The lay pastor, 47-year-old Hamid Pourmand, is to go before a Sharia court next week on charges of apostasy from Islam and proselytizing Muslims. The former charge is punishable by death.

“The government of Iran is one of the only states in the world to put someone on trial for his life solely for his religious belief,” said Nina Shea, Director for Freedom House’s Center for Religious Freedom. “The case of Pastor Pourmand—who has openly lived as a Christian for nearly 25 years—exposes Iran’s legal system to be arbitrary, extreme, and lacking in due process. The state’s criminalization of apostasy is always subject to political manipulation and indicates an absolute negation of individual rights and freedom.”

Pourmand, a former army colonel in the Iranian army, was arrested last September along with up to 85 other church leaders at the annual general conference of Assemblies of God (AG) in Iran in Karaj, 18 miles west of the capital Tehran. According to Middle East Concern and Compass Direct, he was the only one not to be released shortly after being arrested.

On Feb. 16 of this year, Pourmand was convicted before a Tehran military court of deceiving the Iranian armed forces about his conversion nearly 25 years ago. Paramoud allegedly failed to declare that he was a convert from Islam to Christianity when he acquired officer rank. Under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is illegal for a non-Muslim to serve as a military officer.

According to the Center for Religious Freedom, Pourmand’s lawyer reportedly produced evidence that Pourmand’s military superiors recognized several years ago that he was a Christian and had given him exemptions from participating in Muslim fasts. However, that the evidence was rejected as false and Pourmand was sentenced to three years in prison with the loss of all benefits.

“Given that he changed his religion before the revolutionary Islamic regime came to power and had documents showing that he openly lived a Christian life the past quarter century, the charge is erroneous,” stated the Center in a recently released statement.

The Center had called for Pourmand’s immediate release from prison shortly after the court’s decision. However that call was unanswered, and as result of the conviction, Pourmand reportedly lost his 20-year army pension and home. His wife, Arlet, and two children have been evicted as a result and have no source of income, reported UK-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

“Hamid Pourmand has already been stripped of his freedom and his job, and his family has been made destitute,” commented Stuart Windsor, CSW's National Director. “He now faces a death sentence if the shari’ah court finds him guilty. CSW calls on the international community to do all it can to put pressure on the Iranian authorities to safeguard his life.”

CSW and the Center report that Pourmand is currently in a group cell at Tehran’s Evin maximum security Prison. According to the Center, human rights groups have reported on the prison’s deplorable conditions and use of torture there.

Pourmand is the first Iranian convert to be charged with apostasy since 1993 when Iranian Pastor Mehdi Dibaj was condemned to death, CSW reports. Although Dibaj was released three weeks later following protest from the international community, he was murdered six months later.

CSW is currently working with other NGOs to raise Pourmand’s case with the UK Foreign Office, the UN and the EU.

Kenneth Chan
[email protected]

Lay Pastor May Face Martyrdom
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Pastor Hormoz Shariat Ph.D(in Computers) - Iranian Ex-Muslim, Former Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence, Now Tele-Evangelist, Bringing the Gospel to Iran.

CBN.com – The Real Revolution

Broadcasting the Gospel into Iran was never something Hormoz thought he would do. He was one of the students who marched in the streets against the Shah of Iran.

Donnell, an American, met Hormoz through Hormoz's brother, who had studied in the United States earlier. Donnell later went to Iran where she met Hormoz. Though she grew up in church, Donnell converted to Islam and they married. In 1979 Hormoz and Donnell came to the United States to attend USC, and while here, Ayottollah Khomeni came to power.

Hormoz was a good student but felt something was lacking in his life. "I was looking for the answer in politics," he says, not having found what he needed in Islam. He tried to be a "good person" but still felt empty.

His unrest was also exacerbated by his loveless marriage. The marriage had deteriorated to such a point that they had set a date to divorce – Oct 1,1980. "I searched my heart and thought I needed more," Hormoz says. "Maybe there was a spiritual side to life that I was missing." Divorce wouldn’t answer the emptiness in his heart, he says.

Being a research scientist, Hormoz then reasoned that he could search out the meaning of life, and in July he began reading the Koran. As an "independent thinker," he read the Koran, got some answers, but still felt empty.

For the sake of intellectual honesty, he got a Bible and started to read that. Donnell had one but never read it, he says. At first he thought Jesus would be like the figure in the Koran, but the more he read it, the more he realized that "Jesus didn’t look like the prophet in the Koran." Jesus seemed strong and confident.

Hormoz liked his teachings, especially the Sermon on the Mount, but they were troubling to accept. "I liked Him and I didn’t like Him," Hormoz says. The Sermon was nice but not practical. Who can live like that? "God used that," he says. "This convicted me. If this is the standard, we’re all sinners." Hormoz was in a tortuous state for some time. He couldn’t accept or not accept Christ. He would throw the Bible away only to go back and retrieve it. He knew he had to get to the end of this.

Donnell saw him studying these books. In the meantime, she was unhappy as well. While working late one night at her job, the Guatemalan janitor who barely spoke English witnessed to her. He told her that Jesus loved her. When Hormoz told her what he was doing, Donnell said the janitor had invited them to his church, Church of the Open Door. They went, and were befriended by someone who invited them to their home and explained the full Gospel. Donnell didn’t want to go to hell and so she accepted Christ. Hormoz kept attending church but was full of questions that he eventually brought to the pastor. Though many questions were unanswered, the pastor told him to accept Christ "on what you do know." Hormoz accepted Christ and everything made sense!

On Oct 1, he went back to the pastor to discuss the impending divorce and was shocked when he saw the Scripture about God hating divorce. Divorce is a lot easier in Islam, he says. God did a miracle in their marriage, he says. By faith they stayed together and the Lord gradually changed them. "There was no love, but God created love because He is a Creator," Hormoz says. They have been married for 26 years and have three children.

The Unreachable

Hormoz grew in the Lord and completed his studies in the late '80s. He started a Bible study and they prayed for Muslims. The Lord brought Muslims to them. By 1988 he started a church.

One day in 1990 he was in his office and was appreciating how good his life was. Working in the field of artificial intelligence was like a game to him, and he thanked God for it. But the Lord challenged him one day: "You want to be paid big money to play games the rest of your life?" "I decided I wanted to invest my life into something that was eternal," he says.

By 1991 over 100 Muslims came to Christ and Hormoz realized that the Lord was calling him into full-time ministry. In 1997 the Lord expanded the ministry when he began a 30-minute local cable show. By 2001, suddenly, the satellites opened up in Iran and they could broadcast in Farsi. Through many challenges the Lord has moved mightily in this work.

Hormoz never envisioned this for his life. They are now on the air nine hours weekly in Iran – one hour of primetime at 10:00 p.m. The response has been tremendous. The show is now one hour, and because some of the shows are on live in primetime, they can interact directly with the audience via e-mail, fax, and telephone. The show airs also in the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. Hormoz can conservatively say there are 50,000 converts that he knows of.

When many of his congregants go home to visit family in Iran, they tell of the mighty move of God and how so many are coming to Christ. When they witness, many are hungry and accept Christ on the spot. Many testimonies have come in. One is of a Taxi driver who talked with a passenger who said she came to Christ by watching TV. In Iran on a family visit, one church member saw seven women standing at a bus stop. The Lord told her to go speak to them. The ladies were shocked when she said God talked to her and four accepted Christ; two wanted to think it over.

Several viewers said that Jesus appeared to them in visions and they wanted to know what this meant. In a vision, one saw himself in a vast field in the wilderness. He was lost. Suddenly, a tall bright man like an angel appeared to him. When the man said he was lost, the angel pointed toward a direction. The man looked and saw a cross and Jesus was on it. At the foot of the cross, a river of light suddenly fell on him and he felt so much peace. He did not want to wake up because the peace left. "Now would you please tell me what is the interpretation of this dream?" he asked. Hormoz was happy to explain this to him. The big challenge now is to train leaders in the home churches.

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When you believe in all the good things of the Gospel and reject everything you think is bad.You don't believe the Gospel but you believe yourself...(augustine)

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