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mijn postings in het Engels forum

Berichtdoor indobelg » Vr Apr 04, 2003 1:57 pm

Congratulations ! You write an impeccable English, better than all the past presidents of Indonesia except perhaps Gus Dur. I don’t include the ruling president Megawati, because she barely understands Mickey Mouse cartoons in the original language. You also write better English than most Indonesian ministers in her cabinet.

I suppose that you must have learned English in a university outside Indonesia.
What did you learn over there ? Science ? Language ? I wonder what you have studied or what you are are still studying but it is obvious to me that you are an intelligent person.

Are you a member of the Indonesian radical group FPI ?
Do you want to turn Indonesia into an Islamic state ?
Do you want the Indonesian government to apply the Sharia law all over Indonesia ?

If your answer to the abovementioned questions is YES, then I do not understand you because it puzzles me how an intellectual person can possibly want all that.

From your postings in this forum I deduct that you are of the opinion that every word in the Al Qur’an is true.

What about the inheritance laws ? The maths don’t add up. Did Allah make a mistake so that humans had to correct the words in the Qur’an ?

What about the words in the Qur’an about the setting of the sun under the throne of Allah, or in a muddy pool ? Didn’t Allah know that the sun doesn’t turn around the earth ? And Firdaus (heaven) is above the earth ? Since the earth is revolving daily, heaven and hell can not be located.

The Catholic Church had always held that whenever observed experience conflicted with the Holy Scipture, observation had to yield.

When Copernicus published his observations, the Church declared that a moving earth circling the sun was philosophically foolish and absurd and formally heretical.

It ook the Church three hundred (300) years to change its mind.
Copernicus’ De Revolutionibus was removed from the banned book’s list in 1758. The ban on Galileo’s Dialogue continued until 1822.

This dogmatic attitude is shared by muslim clerics because the muslims don’t even consider modern science as valid if it contradicts the Qur’an.

Talking about Firdaus, what would I get there ? Fruit, and again fruit and lots of wine and virgins. Let me tell you : I have this already on earth, and making love to virgins, as one of the Swedish forum members wrote, is awkward. Give me an experienced woman any time, forget the virgins.

Anyway, since you don’t drink wine, and you don’t like it, why would you love to drink wine in Firdaus ?

Isn’t it strange that everything which is forbidden by Allah on earth suddenly becomes the standard way of living in paradise (Firdaus) ?

A final word about haram and halal. In Indonesia companies have to get a certificate from a muslim organisation in order to prove that their products are halal.
Rabbits are halal. But rabbits eat their own filth (they eat their own shit) just like pigs do. If muslims are not allowed to eat pork, why did Allah create pigs ? Of course Allah also created the virus which causes AIDS and SARS.
Many muslim clerics in Indonesia have said that AIDS is a punishment from Allah for immoral behaviour.
I wonder what they will say about SARS.

Simple kampung people (= people living in Indonesian villages) still believe that the earth was created 4,000 years ago. They still don’t know that a moving earth is circling the sun. They can recite some verses of the Qur’an in Arabic, and vaguely understand the meaning of other verses. Their islamic faith is interwoven with Hindu-Javanese myths and traditions.
They have no knowledge of the Qur’an. They only follow the rituals. They don’t know any better. That is their only education and they consider this as part of their culture.

Now suppose that a guy like Menj arrives in such a village. He could easily whip them up to a frenzy of hate against Christians or Hindus.
It is enough to tell them that foreigners (meaning outsiders, not living in their village) will destroy their culture and that those foreigners don’t believe in Allah but more importantly, that those foreigners do not follow the rituals of Lebaran and sholat etc...

That is how the civil war in Maluku started (still going on), and the troubles in Kalimantan, Papua and Sulawesi.

The trouble is, the Javanese are colonizing the rest of Indonesia, using the same Dutch colonial laws (the Haatzaai laws) and even worse methods to islamize the rest of the archipelago.

When I was 41 years old, I married an Indonesian kampung girl who was 18 years old then. She came from a village near Bandung and she, as well as her parents, were staunchly islamic. In fact her father was a respected muslim in that community.

I met her in a photocopy shop. I was photocopying invitations for my birthday party and she was photocopying her notes from high school (SMA). Since I speak Bahasa Sunda fluently, I understood her remarks to her girlfriends. She said : “This foreigner looks nice eh”
I turned around and I said : “Maybe you would like to come to my birthday party, but then you must come without JILBAB. (as you know, the headscarf is called Jilbab in Indonesia)

She and her girlfriends came to my birthday party without their jilbab.
We fell in love, we made love, and when she was two months pregnant I went to her parents. The parents told me to fuck off. They didn’t want me because I wasn’t a true believer. So I went to the great mosque in Bandung. One million rupiah was enough to get a certificate that I had followed lessons on Islam during 3 months. Repeating the magical words in Arabic was enough to make me a muslim. I am not even circumcised – but of course my lovely wife-to-be knew that because she was pregnant. The guys at the mosque wanted me to show my dick. I refused. Another million rupiah was enough for 2 taxidrivers to take an oath on the Qur’an. They declared under oath that they know me and that I have been circumcised.

After eight years marriage we divorced (Islamic court) because my wife started to berzina, berselingkuh, and that means adultery.
We still are good friends. She visits me 3 times a week although she now lives together with a German guy (kumpul kebo)
Our children stay one week with me, the next week with her, and then again one week with me until they will be 17 years old.

In the meantime, my ex-wife has understood that Islam is bullshit. Now she has become a Hindu.

Of course, on our KTP (identity card) is still written : Islam.
That comes in handy when I am driving my car and an Indonesian policeman stops me. I ask him which religion he adheres to and if he says islam, I recite a non-existing verse of the Qur’an which says : don’t give fines to your islamic brother.
Usually this helps, and I don’t have to pay him anything.

Aah ! The joys of living in an country of religious people !

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Berichtdoor Patrick » Vr Apr 04, 2003 7:30 pm

U heeft Menj dus ontdekt, het duiveltje op het FFi forum.

Die kan je nooit overtuigen. :wink:

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Berichtdoor indobelg » Za Apr 12, 2003 5:53 am

Patrick schreef:U heeft Menj dus ontdekt, het duiveltje op het FFi forum.

Die kan je nooit overtuigen. :wink:

Heb je ook mijn postings van de vorige dagen gelezen ?

Een zekere FERRY zegt dat mijn lieve grootmoeder nu in de hel is omdat zij niet geloofde in Allah noch in de God van de christenen.
Een beter mens dan mijn grootmoeder moet nog geboren worden !

Het enige antwoord dat ik krijg op mijn relaas over mijn vriendinnen en vrienden die vreselijk verminkt of dood zijn wegens de bommen in Bali is een uitleg van Ferry dat er verschillende soorten Jihad bestaan.

Hebben die mensen geen gevoelens ?

Kijk trouwens ook eens op het Engelstalig forum naar mijn nieuwste posting (nieuw onderwerp) over indien de moslims alle kaffirs konden doden en er enkel pure moslims zouden overblijven........

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Berichtdoor Patrick » Za Apr 12, 2003 9:39 pm

Dat is nu net het probleem met sommige Moslims: die kunnen geen kritiek op hun religie verdragen en dusdanig reageren ze nogal cru. Eigenlijk is dat niet te verwonderen, in bijna alle Islamitische landen is zelfs een beetje kritiek leveren uit den boze. Bijna iedereen rondom hen is Moslim, het is hen met de paplepel ingegeven. Door zich in een westers land te vestigen, of via internet worden ze voor het eerst in hun leven blootgesteld aan kritiek. Uw verhaal bewijst hoe sommigen denken over al wie niet tot de club behoort.

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