Wederom Christelijke Missionaris gedood in Pakistan

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Wederom Christelijke Missionaris gedood in Pakistan

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Another Christian Missionary Killed in Pakistan

November 04, 2006

By Mike LaSalle

Bajaur (Azad Kashmir in Pakistan), November 3, 2006: Another missionary of the underground At Anycost Jesus Mission was killed in the Bajaur district in Pakistan on Tuesday. Jan Mohamed, 38, was shot dead by Islamic militants in Azad Kashmir.

According to sources of At Anycost Jesus Mission, Mohamed had been active in the underground ministry in this region for the past three years. His missionary work included family counseling, teaching adult literacy and Bible classes. Islamic militants in the area became aware of his activities and threatened him several times.

On Monday, Pakistani forces in Chingai killed 80 in an airstrike against a suspected terror training camp disguised as a religious school. Islamic militants later implicated Mohamed in the attack after a rumour spread that he had been seen talking on a satellite phone near the bombed-out madrassa.

The militants left a note on his body accusing him of espionage. “We had suspicions that he had been working for US forces and the attack to the Madrassa confirmed that he was a US spy”.

Also according to members of the At Any cost Jesus Mission, a second missionary was killed in North Waziristan district bordering Afganistan after militants accused him of being a U.S. spy. Salahudeen, a 44-year old Islamic Scholar, had recently converted to Christianity. His beheaded body was found in a drainage ditch with a note that he was a US spy.

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