Mosque to get police guard for bikini rally

Lodewijk Nasser
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Mosque to get police guard for bikini rally

Berichtdoor Lodewijk Nasser » Di Dec 05, 2006 12:19 pm

Mosque to get police guard for bikini rally

Taghred Chandab and Matthew Benns
December 3, 2006

POLICE have been asked to protect Australia's largest mosque next weekend because of concerns that a bikini march staged to coincide with the anniversary of the Cronulla riots may get out of control.

The caretaker of Lakemba Mosque, the Lebanese Muslim Association, says it is taking no risks, requesting at least 32 police officers to protect the place of worship on Saturday and Sunday.

Association president Tom Zreik said he met police on several occasions to ensure there would be adequate numbers of officers present to defuse problems and arrest troublemakers.

"We are treating this as something that is funny and hilarious but also taking precautions," Mr Zreika said of the bikini march. "Some people may see this as provocation and the last thing that we want is to see anyone being attacked."

The organiser, Melbourne grandmother Christine Hawkins, has asked women nationally to dress in bikinis and colourful beachwear and rally outside large mosques to show their disgust at comments by leading Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, who likened women to "uncovered meat".

A white supremacist website has promoted the march. Members of Sydney's Muslim community began raising their concerns last week, with hundreds joining an internet discussion to find a "peaceful avenue" to protect their mosque.

Many Muslim women suggested joining the march in their hijabs and burqas to voice their outrage at comments made by Senator Bronwyn Bishop and Prime Minister John Howard about the way they dress. "We're really asking people not to bother coming to the mosque," Mr Zreika said.

"All this is doing is degrading women and giving men a great excuse to have a perv. There are better ways women can express their concerns."

In Cronulla yesterday members of the Lakembaroos sports club attended a barbecue at North Cronulla Surf Club to mark the progress of more than 20 Muslim lifesavers, who are training for their bronze medallions.

"If we didn't have the events of Cronulla last December in the back of our minds, we wouldn't even be conscious that the people here were of Lebanese background," Community Relations Commission chairman Stepan Kerkyasharian said.

"They look Australian, they are taking part in an Australian activity and you have to ask 'what's the problem?"'

The training is an initiative of Surf Life Saving Australia.

Source: The Sun-Herald
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Berichtdoor sprot » Di Dec 05, 2006 12:25 pm

En hier organiseren we iets met Spencer Tunick ..
Allemaal in ons blootje naar de moskee !

Soms denk ik juist,soms denk ik fout,maar ik dénk tenminste
Dubitando ad Veritatem pervenimus (Cicero)
Sapere aude!
In het 'Huis van de Vrede' is het steeds Oorlog.

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Berichtdoor Ariel » Di Dec 05, 2006 12:52 pm

Ik lees net op internationaal dat de tocht afgelast is.
Jammer. :(
Er stond geen link bij dit artikel.

Breaking News - Bikini March Becomes Bikini Atoll
(5 December 2006)

Organisers of The Great Australian Bikini March have been forced to cancel the event due to irresponsible journalism.

During the month of the campaign, most media were respectful, reported the facts, focused on the issue and agreed that publishing personal details about organisers was unnecessary.

However, during the last few days there have been an increasing smear campaign in an attempt to sensationalise or discredit us. Despite to all out efforts to refer misinformed journalists and 'independent' media to the facts via our website they continued to knowingly misrepresent the intention and details of the march. Some stated they wanted us to stop the march.

Apparently some in the media are intent that the GABM should not be allowed to proceed.

Some people are very powerful. It would appear that free speech in a 'tolerant' society is not tolerated.

The level of hostility against us even included verbal abuse and threats to publish our personal details. This culminated in one media outlet doing so and placing a family at risk.

The GABM organisers reiterate that the response from the general public was overwhelmingly supportive. Aussie's from all backgrounds including many migrants from many different countries expressed support for the views expressed in our website. Migrants stated that they had left countries because of extremism and did not want to see it get a foothold in Australia. They feared to expressed their views alone and welcomed the chance to unite to do so.

Even the one Muslim that disagreed with the march, stated that he was against Halali's statements. He did so politely and respectfully and was answered in a like fashion from the organisers. We only wish the media had acted accordingly.

Immediately after one 'shock jock' misrepresented and defamed us, his news desk followed with a statement that we were marching against the hijab. Some Muslim people were confused by this and distressed by this misinformation and we received about 4 phone calls. One of these was very emotionally volatile. We had to then inform them that this not our intent but the damage had already been done.

What was to have been a peaceful, moderate, legal, non-violent, council and police approved protest has now been gagged by threats and extreme intimidatory tactics.

A big thank you to the members of the Victoria Police and Council staff who were respectful and professional and responded well to our offers to fully co-operated with them.

GABM organisers have been informed that we have now be credited in the media with a supposed march at Lakemba this weekend (9 December 2006). In spite of numerous conversations with Sydney print media last week that we had nothing to do with any event in Sydney, it appears that they went ahead and published it anyway.

What do our supporters do now?

We are as disappointed as you are at having to make the decision to cancel the march but when families lives are placed at risk, there is no alternative.

We would encourage you to keep your protests legal, non-violent and avail yourself of all democratic avenues.

Make this an election issue.
Contact your local members of parliament. Contact Telstra for State Liberal or Labor Party Headquarters phone number. Ask them for your local representative in Federal Parliament.

Hold rogue media accountable for their actions through letters to the newspapers.
Keep caring about what happens to your country.

Attention Media

The GABM is now officially closed.

There will be no more correspondence entered into. You may take any information from this website. Please be professional and objective. Don't attach your personal agendas or continue to source your facts from internet gossip.

Be truth seekers, not self-seekers!
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