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World Almanac of Islamism

Geplaatst: Do Jan 27, 2011 2:18 pm
door Mahalingam
Dit is een onderdeel van de American Foreign Policy Council.
Je kan er heel veel informatie vinden over Mohammedaanse landen.
Zo lees ik over Tunesiƫ:
The Islamist movement in Tunisia is embodied by Hizb al-Nahda (The Renaissance Party) despite its complete suppression at home, and the exile of its leadership. Al-Nahda is estimated to have the support of 90 percent of Tunisian Islamists (although not 90 percent of Tunisians).2 The extent to which Al-Nahda remains a viable organization within the country is unclear, as it has been forced underground by the government. While other Islamist groups do exist (see below), they are very small and not territorially based inside the country.3