Dansk Folkeparti (Denemarken)

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Dansk Folkeparti (Denemarken)

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By Aliki Seferou | Updated: 8 June 2018

After a long debate, the Danish parliament reached a verdict and passed the burqa and niqab ban, which will take effect on the 1st of August. This decision makes Denmark the latest European country to ban the attire as France, Belgium and Netherlands did several years ago.
The Liberal, the Conservatives, the Danish People’s Party and the Social Democrats (with the exception of MP Mette Gjerskov) all voted in favor of the rule that prohibits anyone from wearing face-covering clothing in public. The legislation passed with 75 votes in favor and 30 against.

For a first time violation, offenders will be forced to pay 1,000 DKK (£120) while repeat offenses can result in a fine up to 10,000 DKK (£1,200) or up to six months jail sentence.

In an interview for Politiken, Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen stated, “It will be up to police officers to use their ‘common sense’ when they see people violating the law.” According to Poulsen, “Danish police will not remove any clothing off of people or forcibly remove veils worn by women.” They will either be asked to go home if they live nearby or they will be accompanied to a police station, where they will be collected by a family member.

Though the news of the ban being officially implemented is just days old, spokesperson of the immigration conservative-liberal party Venstre, Marcus Knuth, spoke of it prior to the new law being passed. Last year he stated, “It’s just a matter of time before a ban comes to Denmark. More and more can see the benefit of not accepting that kind of suppression of women. But whether the ban comes this autumn or later, I can’t say.”

The nationalist party Dansk Folkeparti, which is known for its anti-immigration and anti-Muslim views, has expressed their harsh opinions on several occasions. The party not only believed that Denmark should pass a law that would ban burqas, but they also proposed to forbid students to wear headscarves in schools in September 2016. In an article by CPH Post, the party’s immigration spokesman Martin Henriksen claimed, “Headscarves divide people into ‘us and them’ and distance the wearer from Danish society and the values that Denmark is based on.”

In March 2018 the European Court of Justice ruled that employers are authorized to not allow employees to wear headscarves at work. The decision was based on the idea that the ban was founded on a general company rule, which ‘prohibits visible political, philosophical and religious symbols in the workplace’.
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Re: Dansk Folkeparti (Denemarken)

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Denemarken en Noorwegen zijn duidelijk een realistischere koers ingeslagen in niet blijven hangen in dat gekke van het padje af zoals Zweden. En Noorwegen is met de Voortuitgangspartij duidelijk op weg met vooruitgang.
Het morele gelijk ligt bij het volk

Respectabele fora de moeite van een bezoek meer dan waard:
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Re: Dansk Folkeparti (Denemarken)

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OEPS!!!! Immigratie minister Inger Stojberg wil uitgeprocedeerde asielzoekers tijdelijk opbergen op onbewoonde eilanden.
Denmark could send failed asylum seekers to live on desert islands

Denmark's immigration minister is considering sending failed asylum seekers to live on deserted islands in the chilly Scandinavian seas.

Inger Stojberg is open to the plan which would see hundreds of foreigners who do not have a right to asylum being shipped to camps in one or more of the 300 uninhabited islands belonging to Denmark.

Stojberg, who represents centre-rightists Venstre in a coalition government, said:"I am always ready to look into good ideas for how we can improve the control of rejected asylum seekers.

"This is of course also a proposal from the Danish People's Party," she told Berlingske.

The far-right Danish People's Party (DPP) tabled the proposal ahead of next year's Finance Act. The DPP supports the government in parliament but is not part of it.

Stojberg warned, however, that even if desirable, the plan might not be practical.

"There may be some practical and legal challenges by establishing an exit centre in a very isolated place, which need to be considered," she said.

The minister also envisaged difficulties in quickly deporting asylum seekers from remote islands. At present, many of them live in a former state prison in the middle of the mainland.

Other potential objections to the proposal identified by Stojberg included the cost of building and policing the camps.

The DPP has taken heart from her public engagement with its policy, which has been aired before without receiving much interest from major parties.

The DPP's foreign policy spokesman, Martin Henriksen, said: "If Inger Støjberg is really open to our proposal, she should instruct her officials to investigate how to do it.

"It does not have to be expensive. Maybe we can find an island where there is already a settlement. But otherwise it can be anything from container houses to a tent camp."
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Re: Dansk Folkeparti (Denemarken)

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Bedelen is verboden. En wie worden er opgepakt? Bulgaren en zigeuners.

"Newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad reports that 52 foreign nationals, including 32 Romanians and at least five Bulgarians, have been convicted under the law, but no Danes."
Denmark’s anti-begging law only convicted foreigners: report
Martin Henriksen, spokesperson for immigration issues with the populist Danish People’s Party, told Kristeligt Dagblad he was pleased to see the apparent skew in the figures and that the aim of the law was to target foreign nationals.

“We wanted to target foreign beggars from the start and would have liked to see the law specifically mention foreigners. It is a good thing that the law is working as intended,” Henriksen said.
De reactie uit linkse hoek:
Opposition parties Alternative and the Red-Green Alliance both stated their concern that only foreign citizens have been convicted under the law, according to the figures.

“I hope discrimination is not taking place, but I fear it is,” Rosa Lund of the Red-Green Alliance told Kristeligt Dagblad.
https://www.thelocal.dk/20180704/denmar ... ers-report
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.
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