Is de koran perfect? Bevat de koran informatie over de toekomst? Bevat de koran wonderen? Is de koran het woord van God? Of begonnen als een tekstuitleg bij de bijbel?
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ASK THE IMAM Afbeelding ... title=Hajj
Question? May 31, 2000
maera sawaal yeh hai ke"sciene yeh kehti hai ke zameen gardish kar rahi hai our sooraj saakin hai jab ke main nae kisi alam din sae sona hai ke sooraj saakin nahi hai woh gardish kar raha hai" meherbani farma kar quraan-o-sonet ki roshni tafseel sae jawab dijiye

Imam reply:
The sun is stationary it is the old theory. According to modern science it is also moving in its orbit. And the motion of sun is exactly according to the Holy Quran. As regarding the earth please read the following answer.


Afbeelding According to the teaching of Quran and Hadith, the sky and earth are stationary and planets rotate. Afbeelding It is the sun that moves around the earth while the earth does not move around the sun. There are many verses of the Holy Quran, clearly show the rotation of the moon and the sun, which are given as under. 1) "O And made the sun and the moonsubservient. Each runs to a turns stated" (Al Quran, part 13, Sure Al-Ra'ad (The thunder)-13, V 2)
2) "And He made the sun and the moon subservient for you which are constantly moving" (Al-Quran, part 13, Sura Abraheem - 14, Verse 23) 3) And each (The moon the sun) is floating in an orbit." (Al-Quran, part 23, Sura Yaseen - 36, verse 140)
It is thus quiet clear that the sun moves and it is obligatory upon every muslim to believe it. Because it is waht Allah Almighty ordains us to believe.

Afbeelding In the light of the Holy Quran and Hadit the theory of the rotation of the earth is absolutely wrong. Allah Almighty says : "Undoubtedly, Allah has with held the heavens and the earth least they move." (AL-Quran) In the look "Fiq-hus- Sahaba Baad-Al- Khulfa-e- Alarba" there has been recorded a statement/saying of k'ab in the presense of Syedna Abdullah bin Masood, the man who keeps the secrets of messanger of Allah (Allah's Grace & Peace be upon Him) and syedna Huzaifa bin Alyaman (Allah weel pleased with them) . This statement of K'ab is "The heaven revolves". Both person said agreeably "K'ab said incorrect and undoubtedly . Afbeelding Allah has with held the heaven and the earth least they move. And Abdullah Bin Masood (Allah Well Pleased With Him) supporting this statement added that Allah's commandment is enough for us, and Afbeelding they (Heavens & Earth) do not move. This statement has been narrated by Saeed bin Mansoor (Allah Well pleased With Him) and abd bin Hameed son of Jareer, son of Almanzer (Allah Well pleased With Him) and they narrated it with reference of Hafiz bin Abd ibne Hameed (Allah Well pleased With Him).

There are few people in our times who try to explain the Holy Quran according to the modern theory of science. In this regard, they proclaim that the Holy Quran also proves the rotation of the earth, in order to divert the attention of scientest to the Hol Quran. Whether theses people are sinciar in their feeling or not but in this respect Afbeelding their behaviour is clearly against the teaching of Quran and Hadith. Because this type of thinking obviously, opposes the general consensus of the Ummah. Afbeelding We advise them to believe in what ever Allah Almighty has mentioned, Weather it is according to the science or not.

In the past there were many people who tried to make the Holy Quran coordinate with science by changing the real meaning of the Holy Quran. Sir syed Ahmad Khan was also one of them, who changed the meaning of Quran due to the scientific researches of his time. He refused the ascention (Mairaj) of the Holy Prophet (Allah's Grace & peace be upon Him) with body and soul because of the theory of newton that "nothing can reach in the space". But now a days Newton's theory harshly unacceptable near the scientists and Ein Stien proved that it is possible to send the matter in the space. Now no one dare to reject the ascension (Mairaj) of the Holy Prophet (Allah's Grace & Peace be upon Him) with body and soul. The above incident proves that as far as human knowledge is concerned, we find from examination that this knowledge is limited and it is not comprehensive.

As Aldous Huxly says "The fact is obvious as day light that not only have we not reached perfaction of knowledge but we have not even gone beyond the ABC of knowledge." Hume also states that as far as the laws of nature are conerned, scientist can not say that this form a comprehansive knowledge of nature. Man's knowlwdge of world has grown and many things that we believed by even the learned men in former times, are shown now a days to be wrong. Some people for example were under impression that water can not be divided. Modern chemistry has shown that this is wrong and have reduced water to its elements of hydrogen and oxigen. So, as a result, we can say that it is undeniable and eluminating fact that the knowledge of scientists is not final in any case and it changes time to time. While on the other hand the knowledge of Quran is final and unchangable because its source is Allah Almighty who is All knowing and creator of the universe.

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