Clash of Worlds by Ali Sina

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Clash of Worlds by Ali Sina

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Clash of Worlds

A Young Australian Muslim sent me a list of questions expressing his concern as a Muslim living in Australia. I believe they can shed light on how Muslims think and their concerns. My replies are also included.
I am a Year 11 student from … School. My Research Project is focusing on the following hypothesis “Why are Islamic youth losing connections with their religion in Australia?”

I will write an essay which will outline some of the main issues confronting Muslim youth in Australia, as well as illustrate the importance of providing support for Muslims in Australia.

I intend to interview a number of experts regarding whether it is possible for traditional Islamic philosophy to exist in harmony in Australia in order to develop a better understanding of Islamic culture. I will also conduct surveys with the wider community to develop an understanding of the public’s opinion regarding this issue.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation,
1- How are young Muslims losing their faith due to lack of education?

Muslims are losing their faith, whether young or old and the reasons are multiple. Islam is not compatible with science, with ethical and moral values, with democracy and with commonsense.

Two factors contributed to the growth of Islam: a) ignorance and b) brute force. Islam has always been incompatible with the above mentioned values. Muslims are not allowed to question Islam. “Believers, do not ask about things which, if revealed to you, would disappoint you. Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith.” (Q. 5: 101-102)

Muslim authorities did their best to keep Muslims ignorant and instill in them religious fervor and fanaticism. This is however, not possible in the age of the Internet. Now anyone can access to any information and Muslims are asking questions they are not supposed to ask and when they get the answer, they lose their faith. There is nothing the authorities whose livelihood depends on Islam can do to stop the exodus of Muslims from Islam short of banning the Internet completely. As that is not likely to happen, Muslims will continue losing their faith and leaving Islam and this process with accelerate in future.

Education is the main reason that Muslims are losing their faith. So do you think denying them education would be a solution? That is what the real Muslims such as al Qaida and Boko Haram believe. Their view is in fact very much in accordance to Islam. But that requires another article.

2. How are young Muslims being influenced by western culture?

What do you mean by western culture? Are you talking about equality of men and women, democracy, equal rights for all the people irrespective of their religion, freedom of conscience and belief, freedom of speech, respecting the right of the children to their childhood? Although these values originated from the western enlightenment, they are universal values, embraced by people of all cultures and races with the exception of Muslims. Muslims can’t adopt these values because they go against the Quran and the sunnah of their prophet. In Islam women are not equal to men. All men do not have equal rights. Islam condones slavery and regards non-Muslims as inferior, najis (filthy) and second class citizen. Islam allows marriage to children as young as nine and according to some schools there is actually no age limit for marriage. Khomeini had intercourse with a five years old girl, with the consent of her father.

Most Muslims are decent people and when they compare their religion to the so called western values that are based on humanism they see the inferiority of it and lose their faith.

Not only Islam is incompatible with our time, it has not been compatible with any time. The cultures that succumbed to Islamic invasion were invariably superior to Islam. They all lost.

3- Why are many young Muslims drinking and doing drugs?

Islam has lost it legitimacy. Muslims realize this and since many of them can’t find a new path to follow they give in to hedonism. Islam is a wrecked ship. If you stay in it you get drowned. If you jump out of it you may get drowned. Muslims have to find a new ship. This is a personal choice and each person has to find his or her own spiritual path. It is better that Muslims drink and engage in out of wedlock sexual activity than become suicide bombers. Between the two evils it is better to choose the lesser evil. However, hedonism and materialism leave one empty spiritually. These people will eventually want to find a spiritual path and they will.

4- Do young Muslims have too much freedom in Australia?

This question comes from a Muslim mentality and it is a wrong question. The world is changing. We can no longer restrict the freedom of the people. Today’s kids have access to all the information and are in touch with people of all cultures. You cannot limit their freedom. You can do that physically, as they do in Islamic countries, but you can’t control their minds. How can you limit people whose mind is liberated? Will you chain them? Will you flog them? We must abandon such primitive and backward thinking and embrace the change. With freedom Islam will lose and Muslims will win. They won’t win as Muslims but as people. This is our identity, not Islam.

5- What can be done to help young people improve their relationships with Islam?

Why do we need to do such thing? What is the benefit? If someone asks what can be done to help people eat dirt, shouldn’t we ask why? What have those who have improved their relationship with Islam have achieved? Many of them joined jihad, and became suicide bombers. Even those who don’t join jihad live a miserable life filled with ignorance, laziness and hatred of other people. Shouldn’t we first make sure that Islam is a true religion of God? You seem to have taken that for granted. But is there any evidence to such belief? No! There is absolutely no evidence that Islam is a true religion. All facts show that it is not. The Quran contains thousands of errors, and Muhammad lived a very unholy life. Before trying to improve our relationship with Islam we should make sure Islam is indeed from God. This is something Muslims could not do for 1400 years and now they can. The Internet allows every Muslim to search for the truth without putting his or her life in danger.

6- What are the consequences of young Muslims losing their connection with Islam?

They will stop seeing the world divided between believers and kafirs and will lose the concept of us versus them. They will begin to see themselves firstly as humans, and members of human family. Instead of learning how the unbelievers will go to hell and that as Muslims they should stay away from them as prescribed in Quran 3:28 and numerous other verses, they will go after science, education and progress. Instead of seeking martyrdom and dreaming about virgins they will work to better the world and contribute to the wellbeing of mankind.

Compare Muslim countries to non-Muslim countries. Why Muslims do everything possible to leave the Islamic countries and live in non-Muslim countries? Doesn’t Islam have anything to do with the backwardness of Muslims?

My suggestion to Muslims who want to keep their relationship with Islam is to please go back to their Islamic havens and leave the non-Muslim countries to the kafris and sinners. If you want Islam you have plenty of that in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and where you came from. Please pack and go and leave us alone. We don’t want your Islam and your 72 virgins. You can have them all. Why share them with others?

7- Do you think Australia’s attitude to Muslims is having a negative effect on them?

Muslims have migrated to western countries without integrating. They don’t hide their disdain and hatred of their hosts. They think of themselves as better and superior, demand special privileges such as designated placed for prayer, halal meat served in public institution, elimination of freedom of speech when it hurts their petal delicate sensitivity, etc. The majority of them doesn’t contribute to the economy and live on welfare, off the taxes that others pay. And as statistics show, their rate of crime is astronomically higher than others. Most Muslims either support or justify Islamic terrorism. It is normal that people start reacting to such obnoxious behavior. Things will get worse and in some countries there will be confrontation between non-Muslims and Muslims. We are humans and there is a limit to our patience. The cup of patience of non-Muslims is overflowing.

The answer is not to demand others to bend over backwards more to accommodate us. It is time that Muslims pull their heads out of the sand and learn that tolerance is a two way street. How non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries? They are persecuted, killed, jailed and can’t even hold a Bible study class in their own home with their friends. Yet Muslims in non-Muslim countries keep demanding more privileges, want to build mega mosque everywhere and promote their hatred of their hosts right in their country.

One thing that is absent in the psyche of Muslims is the Golden Rule. Muslims think nothing wrong in abusing the rights of others while they demand that their needs should be met preferentially.

Why don’t you rephrase the above question and ask, what can we Muslims do to gain the trust of the Australians who have opened their doors to us and allowed us to escape from our Islamic hellholes. That would be an honest question.

8- What are some of the implications of young Muslim women losing their Islamic dress and identity?

The implication is that they lose their identity as walking talking vagina and become human. Normal people cover their private parts. A woman, who thinks her entire body should be covered, is sending the message that my entire body is private part, that every inch of my body is the extension of my vagina and erotic. Why women in Pakistan should be called awra? Awra is the origin of the English word awry. It means crooked, defective. It also means pudenda, and something shameful that needs to be covered. And that is how women are called in Pakistan.

Women who cover themselves in veil are broadcasting to the world “we are nothing but sexual organ”, from head to toe. It is a disgrace. The veil denigrates the woman; it robs her humanity and reduces her to a sex object. A veiled woman should not demand respect when she has no respect for herself.

What is the meaning of the veil? It started when the old Muhammad saw young men eyeing his young and beautiful wives. So he ordered them to cover themselves from the prying eyes of men and sternly warned the believers, “The Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers.” (Q. 33:6) “And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allah’s Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him. Verily! With Allah that shall be an enormity. (Q. 33:53)

He also admonished his wives, “O wives of the Prophet! Whoever of you commits an open illegal sexual intercourse, the torment for her will be doubled, and that is ever easy for Allah”(Q. 33:30) “You are not like any other women. If you keep your duty, then be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire, but speak in an honorable manner.” (Q. 33:32)

As you see, it is clear that veil was Muhammad’s way to control his wives. It has nothing to do with purity and chastity. It has everything to do with Muhammad’s jealousy and paranoia that young men may marry his young wives after him.

9- What role does social medium have on young Muslims losing their Islamic identity?

The Internet and the social media allow Muslims to compare the evolving values of non-Muslims to the fossilized and primitive values of Islam that have no hope of every ridding themselves from the dark ages of the seventh century.

It’s a losing battle. You can shackle bodies but you can’t shackle minds. Muslims are waking up and are realizing that the cause of their backwardness is Islam. This religion offers no hope, not for this world and not for the next. The promises of virgins for martyrs don’t fool the thinking minds. The message of “kill other humans so you can have sex for eternity,” can only impress the fools. We are entering a new age of enlightenment. We are discovering that we are humans first and foremost. The beliefs that divide mankind and promote hate of others are not from God. Muslims read and question the Quran and they see this book is wrong on almost every point. I foresee the fall of Islam in the coming decades. Muslims can no longer keep their heads under the sand and pretend they don’t see. The Islamic terrorism is the result of Islam and denial of it is no longer possible. Muslims are seeing the truth. They are leaving Islam and this exodus will only grow in the coming years.

Why would anyone want to have Islamic identity? Isn’t your identity as a human being enough? Islam destroyed all the cultures, butchered raped and plundered the people and denigrated their vastly superior cultures imposing on us its savagery. Why we need this identity. Islam has been only the cause of our downfall and will continue to be the source of our humiliation in the world. Why would we need to identify ourselves with terrorists and savages? Muslims are the only people who cling to their religion as their identity. That is because Islam has robbed their identity, denigrated their cultures and destroyed their dignity as humans. They have nothing else to cling. Other people have first their humanity as their identity, then their culture. Muslims have no culture. Nothing of their culture is left.

Now you live in Australia. Why can’t you be an Australian like everyone else? And if that is beneath you why don’t you return to your Islamic homeland? What is the point of coming to a non-Muslim country and wanting to change it into an Islamic country? If Islam is better, why migrate? Why don’t you go back?
The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
but the heart of the fool to the left.
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