Doodsbedreigingen gericht aan islamcritici

Is de islamitische openbaring uniform? Wordt deze door alle gelovigen op dezelfde manier geïnterpreteerd? Hoe denken anderen zoals de Arabist HANS JANSEN over de islam?
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Doodsbedreigingen gericht aan islamcritici

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Gun jezelf wat je een ander toewenst     islam = racisme   & de hel op aarde voor mens en dier
                                   koran = racistisch & handboek voor criminelen
      Moslimlanden bewijzen dagelijks:    meer islam = meer verkrachte mensenrechten
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Re: Doodsbedreigingen gericht aan islamcritici

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Norway: Prominent critic of Islam found dead with ‘visible damage to the body’

SIAN leader Lars Thorsen “stressed that based on his knowledge of the deceased, he sees no visible motives other than political ones.”

The killer may have been a Muslim enraged over Lid’s “blasphemy,” but the perp may also have been a Leftist who believes that Muslims are a victimized group that needs special protection from criticism. We saw this in the Netherlands years ago, when Volkert van der Graaf murdered Islamocritic Pim Fortuyn “to protect Muslims.”

The organisation Stop Islamisation of Norway, of which the deceased was an active member, seeks to counter the proliferation of Islam, which it sees as a totalitarian ideology that violates the Norwegian Constitution and contradicts democratic and humanitarian values.

Dan-Eivind Lid, 48, one of the centrepieces of the anti-Islam organisation Stop Islamisation of Noway (SIAN), has been found dead. The police suspect foul play, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported.

Lid was found dead in his apartment in Suldalen in Kristiansand, with what has been reported as “visible damage to the body”….
“One of our hypotheses is that the person has been subjected to a serious criminal act and died as a result of it”, a police spokesperson said at a press conference….

SIAN leader Lars Thorsen described Lid as “an active member of many years”, with whom he had a close relationship. Thorsen emphasised that Lid was “friendly and polite” and stressed that based on his knowledge of the deceased, he sees no visible motives other than political ones.

“There is nothing about his nature that can explain why he should end up in a situation where someone would like to take his life”, Thorsen told the newspaper Nettavisen…. ... o-the-body
- Dan Eivind Lid werd een paar uur voordat hij werd vermoord bedreigd


Dan Eivind Lid was een aantal jaren actief in Sian, hier gefotografeerd tijdens de markering van Sian voor de Storting op 29 augustus. Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

Twee getuigen zeggen dat Dan Eivind Lid (48) enkele uren voordat hij werd vermoord door een persoon werd bedreigd, meldt TV 2.

Dan Eivind Lid werd zaterdag dood aangetroffen in zijn appartement in Suldalen buiten Kristiansand. Lid was lid van de organisatie Sian (Stop de islamisering van Noorwegen).

De 48-jarige werd enkele uren voordat hij stierf bedreigd door een met naam genoemd persoon, bevestigt een kennis van Lid.

- Ik ontmoette Dan vrijdagmiddag toen hij op weg naar huis was van de winkel. Hij zei dat hij was bedreigd. Hij zei de naam van de persoon die hem had bedreigd, maar dat wil ik niet zeggen, de persoon informeert TV 2 .

Hij wil anoniem blijven.

Gisteren citeerde TV 2 een getuige die bedreigingen tegen Dan Eivind Lid had gehoord op een parkeerplaats bij een winkel. Dit is niet dezelfde getuige die de 48-jarige ontmoette na het winkelen.

Politieadvocaat Morten Formo weigert commentaar te geven op de informatie, maar bevestigt dat ze informatie hebben ontvangen over mogelijke bedreigingen.

De persoon die de dreigementen zou hebben geuit, behoort tot een beladen omgeving, en een van de hypothesen van de politie is dat de moord mogelijk verband houdt met deze omgeving, schrijft TV 2.

Volgens Fædrelandsvennen heeft een camera die de parkeerplaats buiten het blok naar het appartement van Lid laat zien, geregistreerd dat er zaterdagavond om 3 uur een auto arriveert. In dezelfde periode zouden buren gehuil en geschreeuw hebben gehoord. ... -han-dode/

Dan-Eivind Lid, known as an activist of SIAN (Stop the Islamization of Norway), was one of the organizers of a Quran-burning protest in August in Norway.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.
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Re: Doodsbedreigingen gericht aan islamcritici

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France Mila affair: Thirteen on trial over online abuse

A French teenager has attended the first day of a trial against 13 people accused of sending abusive messages after she posted videos criticising Islam.

Mila was 16 when her first Instagram clip went viral.
She has since received 100,000 hate messages, her lawyer says, and lives under 24-hour police protection.

Ten men and three women aged between 18 and 30 are standing trial. Eight are accused of making death threats.

Mila, who has now turned 18, is identified only by her first name in France.
Her story has revived debate about freedom of speech, as well as protection for schoolchildren from online bullying

Ahead of the trial the teenager posted a message asking for support: "Together let's refuse to live in fear."
Speaking at the court on Thursday, her lawyer Richard Malka said Mila's life had been "stolen", even though she had not "broken any law" in criticising Islam, according to French channel BMFTV.
"I can't get over the fact that she lives as a recluse. Imagine her life, she can no longer walk peacefully, she can no longer do internships, all doors are closed to her," he added.
Mr Malka had previously told France Info radio that all of the defendants had clean criminal records: "What is chilling and frightening about this case is that they are not delinquents or fanatics."
He said many had expressed surprise that they could be prosecuted "for a single tweet", even if they had used a fake name online or a VPN (virtual private network) to mask their internet address.

In October, a 23-year-old was sentenced to three years over online death threats against Mila.
Mila's Instagram story in which she criticised Islam. Mila could not return to her school after criticising Islam on Instagram

The teenager was forced to change schools after her initial video was shared online. According to French newspaper La Dépêche, Mila was then withdrawn from the military school she moved to in November, over concerns for her safety after she posted a second clip criticising Islam on TikTok. She has since been learning online.

After Mila's original remarks, in which she described Islam as a "religion of hate", two opposing hashtags sprang up: #JeSuisMila (I am Mila) and #JeNeSuisPasMila.

President Emmanuel Macron spoke out in support of the teenager, arguing that in France "we have the right to blaspheme".

Later this month Mila is due to publish a book about her experiences, entitled "I Am the Price of Your Freedom".
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.
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