De Islamisering van India

Waarom slaan bepaalde moslims, waar dan ook, elkaar en anderen de hersens in? Hoort geweld en de drang tot overheersing en bekering bij de essentie van de islam?
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De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Sep 14, 2010 3:04 pm

Het multiculturele India ligt aan de bloedige grens van de Ummah. Het is dus daar geregeld moord en doodslag. Alle manieren waarmee de Mohammedanen de baas proberen te worden, kan je in India tegen komen.
In deze draad plaats ik berichten over de strijd in India.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Sep 14, 2010 3:08 pm

Muslims Attack Hindus in India: A Warning For the West? Part I September 13th, 2010
A European colleague of mine lives and works in India. Recently, he came to visit. His story was unbelievable. For the last few years, every day, day after day, he, his wife, and his wife’s family have been harassed and attacked by Muslim marauders. Both his property and his medical clinic have been attacked; his Hindu wife and relatives have had their cows stolen and slaughtered, their outbuildings destroyed, their farm property taken over. The police would not help. He had to hire private security to guard his free clinic. Finally, Muslims attacked the clinic when it was filled with patients (including, of course, Muslim patients). At the last moment, before the clinic was entirely overrun, the police reluctantly came to his aid. He had to pay many bribes, pull many strings—and still, the matter is far from over.

He did not want me to write about this. “It is simply too dangerous for a Hindu to describe, accurately, what Muslims are doing to us in our own country.” He assured me that neither the government nor the media could be counted on to “do the right thing here. The media will not say that Muslims are criminally aggressive. They are too afraid to say so. They know there will be rioting. It’s already happened.”

Sound familiar?

And then, Mr. Tapan Ghosh found me. Ghosh is an incredibly brave and determined Hindu human rights activist who is taking on these Muslim immigrants, criminals, rioters, kidnappers, rapists, and traffickers of Hindu girls and women.

In 2008, Tapan Ghosh founded Hindu Samhati (Hindu Solidarity Movement), dedicated to strengthening Hindu identity and serving persecuted Hindu communities in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. A Physics graduate of City College in Calcutta, he first got involved with the Hindu Revivalist Movement in India in 1966 and led a mass civil disobedience campaign against the policies of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1975-77. His work grows out of a long history of persecution, including genocidal persecution, of Hindus by Muslims in the region, beginning with the partition of India into Pakistan and India in the 1940s and furthermore into Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. I had the privilege of interviewing him when he was in New York during a recent tour.

Chesler: How long has the Muslim violence against Hindus been going on? I know it has existed for 800 years or more. I am asking about the more recent series of events in West Bengal.

Ghosh: Though Hindus in Bengal faced massive attacks and massacres during the Partition of 1947 (when India was divided into India and Pakistan and 3/4th of Bengal went to Pakistan), the violence never ceased. In West Bengal, violence against Hindus took place again in the 1950s and from 1964-65; violence continued until 1971, when it eased off for some time. That was during the time when across the border, nearly 3 million Hindus in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) were killed by the Pakistani Army, as part of their genocide to stop the creation of Bangladesh.

In recent times, the violence has been increasing (both in its spread and intensity) every day since the early eighties.

Chesler: What kind of violence did Muslims commit against Hindus in West Bengal and East Pakistan? Please be more specific.

Ghosh: Anti-Hindu violence started on the morning of August 16, 1946, when Muslim League volunteers forced Hindu shopkeepers in North Calcutta (in present day West Bengal) to close their shops and Hindus retaliated by obstructing the passage of League’s processions. With the tacit support of the police, the Muslim mobs went on a rampage, looting Hindu-owned shops, attacking Hindus with clubs and knives, and raping Hindu women. After a week of violence, an official estimate put the casualties at 4,000 dead and 100,000 injured. Other sources put the death toll at 6,000. Most of the victims were Hindus. The riots in Calcutta spread to other regions, reaching Noakhali, a remote district in present day Bangladesh, where a massive pogrom was organized against the Hindu minority. The death toll is estimated to be in the thousands, with 51,000 to 75,000 Hindus cleansed from this region.

General Yahya Khan, the military dictator of Pakistan, while speaking to his top military brass once said, “Kill three million of them and the rest will eat out of our hands.” The liberation movement for Bangladesh was characterized by an escalation of atrocities against the Hindus and pro-liberation Muslims. Hindus were specifically singled out because of their perceived proclivity to the Bengali language. Bengali, which has strong roots in the Sanskrit language and Hindu culture, was considered as a hindrance to the Islamisation of East Pakistan. In March 1971, the Government of Pakistan and its supporters in Bangladesh, the Jama’at- e-Islami (The Party of Islam) launched a violent operation, codenamed “Operation Searchlight,” to crush all pro-liberation activities. A large section of the Hindu intellectual community of Bangladesh was murdered, mostly by the Al-Shams and Al-Badr militia, (both were military wings of the Jama’at-e-Islami). Bangladesh government figures (officially accepted by the US State Department, which at that time of the Cold War, was openly supporting Pakistan) put the death toll at 300,000 even though nearly 3 million of them were never accounted for and are presumed dead. According to declassified documents from the George Washington University’s National Security Archives, consisting of communications between US officials working in embassies and USIS centers in Dhaka and in India, and officials in Washington, DC, the terms ‘selective genocide’ and ‘genocide’ were used to describe events.

The primary reason why Hindus have been forced to leave East Pakistan (and later Bangladesh) is a draconian law known as the Vested Property Act. According to this law, the government has the power to seize ownership of properties from individuals it deems enemies the state. It was formerly known as the Enemy Property Act (when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan) and is still referred to as such in common parlance. Abul Barkat, a professor of economics at Dhaka University who has conducted seminal research on this act, says that some 1.2 million or 44 per cent of the 2.7 million Hindu households in the country were affected by the Enemy Property Act and its post-independence version, the Vested Property Act, passed in 1974. Successive governments of Bangladesh have promised to repeal the act, but to date, some 35 years after independence, none have done so. According to one estimate, “Nearly two hundred thousand Hindu families have lost 2.2 million acres of land, including their houses, since 2001 alone. At the current market price, the value of the 2.2 million acres of land that the Hindu families were displaced from is about 3.6 billion dollars, which is more than half of the country’s gross domestic product.

Chesler: Please summarize the threats and crimes that have been perpetrated.

Ghosh: The atrocities that Hindus are facing in villages bordering Bangladesh are multifarious. The case of massive illegal infiltration is well known today. What the people of India and the United States don’t know is their activities. This includes crimes which target Hindu women; from relatively small cases of street harassment, to sexual assault, rape, kidnapping and forced conversion to Islam. Incidences of illegal migrants encroaching upon Hindu lands as well as organized land grabbing by Islamic criminal networks are also very common. There is also a sharp increase in the cases of rioting during Hindu festivals, destruction of Temples, desecration of Deities, and large-scale, provocative cow slaughter during Hindu festivals, even in Hindu-majority localities. Construction of large, illegal mosques, often upon encroached land, is happening in all border areas and has changed the landscape of rural Bengal. The establishment of massive Saudi- funded Madrasas across rural Bengal is only contributing to the growing religious extremism among Muslims, implementation of Sharia laws by Chalasi (Islamic) courts is quite prevalent in villages in the Malda, Murshidabad and North Dinajpur districts.

Finally, the Indo-Bangla border acts as a major conduit for smuggling by the terrorist networks and has grave consequences for national security. As a result of the growing Islamization of rural Bengal, Hindus are leaving the border area villages. This change in demography is well established in Assam, and I fear that the upcoming census will paint a grimmer scenario in W. Bengal too. Calls for a greater Muslim Bangla are not unheard of in Muslim-majority districts and my greatest fear is the day when Muslim zealots will give a call for Nara-e-takbir (cries of “Allahu Akbar”) and tell Hindus to either convert or leave Bengal. Where will we go then?

Chesler: Why have the Hindu police and Indian government failed to do anything to stop these crimes against their own citizens?

Ghosh: While India is constitutionally secular, it is also an electoral democracy which means that politicians care about winning elections and cannot ignore the 31% of the Bengali Muslim population that is believed to vote en-masse. The government, both at the State and Central level understand the problem, but do not want to show the political courage that is needed to talk about these issues and address them. Instead they just ignore them.

The Police response is also mixed. Though sometimes they take positive measures to stop these crimes, most often there is severe corruption, and a fear of tackling the Islamic mafia. The fact that governmental higher-ups will not be supportive of a pro-active response also demoralizes police officials at the grassroots level.

But it is not that the politicians and the government agencies are asleep, it is the middle class Bengalis that are in deep slumber. The entire Hindu Bengali intelligentsia and culturally enriched Bengali society could not provide protection to one Muslim lady, Ms. Taslima Nasreen, a poet and an intellectual who dared to raise her voice against Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh and had to escape to West Bengal. But the West Bengal government was so afraid, that it refused to give protection to her.

Coming soon in Part II: The role of the Media.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Sep 14, 2010 5:05 pm

Een commentaar van aldaar:
Dr McCosker

Sounds like Mr Ghosh needs to compare notes with the gentlemen of the English Defence League (who are NOT at all the ‘fascists’ that they are being called by the British press) and March For England , and with the New Israeli Guardsmen (see Caroline Glick’s site, for more on them and why they were formed…in the Negev and in the Galil in Israel Muslims are doing EXACTLY the same things, though on a smaller scale, that the Bangladeshi Muslims are doing in West Bengal).

Whether it’s Bengal, or Kashmir, or Northern England and East London, or Israel, or…Lakemba and the other south/western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, or the banlieues of France (see the Muslim riots in Grenoble, recently, where Muslims with guns fired upon the French police), the Muslim supremacists and mobsters do **exactly** the same things.

It strikes me that one of the first things that has to happen to stop the advance of the Ummah-mafia is to identify and remove the collaborators and infiltrators among the police and politicians (that is, the dhimmified non-Muslims who do the bidding of Muslims because of bribes [including 'vote-bank' bribery, not just the obvious bribe of money], or threats, or because they are simply naive and blinded by Muslim nonsense and lies [e.g. the Muslim pose of victimhood which can cause well-meaning people to be deceived into pitying and favouring them]; and the Muslims who have inveigled their way into office, which they then use for personal advantage and to advance the power of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob). One also has to seek out those police, judges, lawyers, politicians and aspiring politicians with a bit of backbone and integrity, who have a bit of a clue as to the danger from the Muslims, and educate them further, and get behind them and PUSH.

Short term: consistent and forceful enforcement of non-Muslim law. Australian police have learned swiftly that if you go to search Muslim premises for drugs/ illegal weapons, etc, you take a large force and the dog squad and have the riot squad on call, so as to deter or squash the violent flash-mobs of Mohammedan males that rush to the scene of any attempt to enforce Infidel law upon a member of the Ummah.

Beyond that, I see no way to save any country which has a large, aggressive and expanding Muslim presence, other than for that country – before the Muslims seize complete control of government and/ or the military – to put a complete stop to Muslim immigration (only exception being the offering of asylum to bona fide publicly-declared apostates such as Ms Taslima Nasreen or Ms Rifqa Bary; bona fides of such apostates to be very thoroughly checked and monitored, just as we did to defectors from Russia or China during the Cold War) and then to resolutely evict pretty much every last Muslim from their soil, starting by the sorts of measures the French have been proposing recently.

Post script: I think Nicolai Sennels book ‘Among Criminal Muslims’ needs to be translated into Hindi as well as English. Sennels has made the fascinating observation that the one thing that Muslim criminals in Denmark genuinely seem to fear is…deportation. Not prison. Not any other punishment we non-Muslims could inflict on them. No: what they fear is being sent back into dar al Islam! Well, if that’s what they fear, that’s the punishment they should get, when they rape and rob and lynch and riot, when they commit or plot FGM or ‘honor’ murders or force-marriages or polygyny or massive welfare fraud, and especially when they attack policemen, schoolteachers, firefighters, and other representatives of the non-Muslim polity in which they (the Muslims) live.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Do Sep 30, 2010 3:31 pm

In 1992, na jaren van getouwtrek, trok een meute opgewonden Hindu's naar de 16-de eeuwse in onbruik geraakte Babri Masjid moskee en brak de zaak tot de grond toe af. Zij willen er een tempel op zetten zoals er vroeger ook stond. Het staat bekend als de Ayodhya kwestie. Er zijn al ruim 2000 doden gevallen bij onlusten.
De zaak is nu bij het Allahabad High Court. Nu net moet de uitspraak gedaan zijn. Men is op alles voorbereid.
Heavy security for India Ayodhya site ruling
Nearly 200,000 security personnel are being deployed in northern India ahead of a court ruling on the long-running Ayodhya religious dispute.
Helicopters are keeping watch overhead and authorities have urged calm amid fears the ruling could spark unrest.[...]
Group mobile phone text messages have been blocked in an attempt to prevent anyone from inciting violence, and a media watchdog has appealed to broadcasters to avoid showing inflammatory image[...]
Correspondents say Thursday's ruling is unlikely to be final and it is expected that the judgement will be appealed.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Do Sep 30, 2010 3:36 pm

En de beslissing is:
het grootste deel van de grond gaat naar de Hindu's.
The court ruled that the site should be split, with the Muslim community getting control of a third, Hindus another third and the Nirmohi Akhara sect the remainder.[...]
It said that the current status of the site should continue for the next three months to allow for the land to be peacefully measured and divided.
The Hindus will keep the area where a small tent-shrine to Rama has been erected, lawyers said.
"The majority ruled that the location of the makeshift temple is the birthplace of Rama, and this spot cannot be shifted," said Ravi Shankar Prasad, a lawyer for one of the parties to the suit.

En hoe lang sleept de zaak al aan?
A lawyer for the Muslim community said he would appeal against the ruling in the 60-year-old case to the Supreme Court, which could further delay a final decision.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Okt 05, 2010 3:28 pm

Kerala kan je wel een communistische deelstaat noemen. Al heel lang hebben commies van het Sovjet-type daar de boel in handen.
En zoals te verwachten (aan een zee die vroeger krioelde van de Arabische piraten en ander onguur volk) leven er vele Mohammedanen. Er gaan verkiezingen komen en daar doen ook muzelvrouwen aan mee. Wat volgens de Moh's niet kan, maar helaas kennelijk wel moet. Dus maken ze er het beste van.
Poll dress diktat for Kerala Muslim women
The Indian Union Muslim League has asked women contesting local body elections in Kerala to “dress according to Islamic norms”, though it stopped short of spelling out the word burqa.
The decision to enforce the dress code came at an executive meeting of the party unit in the southern state, where many women have of late taken to wearing the burqa in a change from tradition.
The code, issued at the recent meeting in Kozhikode, is part of a set of guidelines that included suggestions on how women candidates should behave in public, participate in demonstrations and interact with men while campaigning for the polls due next month.
Women, the guidelines say, should maintain decorum and sit on stages in a way expected of “normal Muslim women”. They should also exercise self-control while interacting with men.
Although the dress guideline doesn’t spell out that the women candidates should wear burqa, it is clear that they are expected to. “They should dress according to Islamic norms,” says the guideline issued by the state executive.
Wearing burqa has never been part of Kerala’s Islamic tradition, but more and more women have been doing so, especially after the demolition of the Babri Masjid.
“Burqa is alien to Kerala Muslims and the new trend is part of a growing pan-Islamic tendency after 1992,” said Sulaiman Ahmed, an Islamic scholar.
The IUML, which has always claimed to be a secular party, insisted the code was aimed at maintaining “religious discipline”.

Vote for me!!!


No No, vote for me!!!

Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Okt 12, 2010 11:32 pm

Er is een groep die niet goed door heeft hoe het rammadannen eraan toe gaat. Zij overdrijven een beetje.
Three members of a family die after fasting for 38 days in Ajmer
Ajmer: Three members of a family from Allahabad died of starvation while observing "chilla kashi" – a 40-day fast – to "ward off black magic", at the 14th century saint Khwaja Moinudeen Chishti's mausoleum in Ajmer, on Monday, Indian media reported.
Meanwhile, 10 others, including two children aged two and three, have been admitted to hospital in a critical condition because of the fast.
Mohammad Salam (14), Nausar (17) and Kaiser (28) were declared dead at a local hospital. The family had been fasting for 38 days, claiming that they were doing it "on the Khwaja's orders".

Head of the family, Mohammad Mustafa (59), said, "We were fasting to ward off black magic that my brother had performed on me and my family about four years ago".
A retired merchant navy official, Mustafa said they started fasting after he had a dream "ordering" him to do so during a visit to Ajmer dargah. "Everything was going wrong with my family ever since the witchcraft was performed," he added.

However, even after three deaths in the family, the other ailing members were unrepentant as they refused to accept treatment and pulled out the needles from their wrists.
They claimed the treatment was disobeying god's commands. The hospital staff had to struggle to persuade the family members to receive first aid.

Mustafa regretted that they were just two days short of finishing the 40-day fast on the Khwaja's "order".
Mustafa's son, Rizwan Shaikh, said the family spent most of its time at the shrine, where they had been staying for over two years.

"After coming to Ajmer, I again had a dream about a month-and-a-half ago, that if the whole family observed fast for 40 days, normality would return to the family. After that, all of us did not eat or drink anything," said Mustafa.
"My father told us about the dream and the whole family started fasting. Most of the time we sat near astane' in the dargah for 20 to 23 hours a day," said Rizwan, his brother.

When local people noticed the condition of the fasting family members, they asked them to eat, but all were adamant on their vows.
"I requested and sat for an hour near them on Sunday and asked them to eat something but they refused," said Muzaffar Bharati, a social worker.

The incident has left residents from the area, especially Muslim religious leaders, shocked as they were united in their opinion that such a harsh practice was against the teachings of Garib Nawaz.
"Chilla Kashi means going into retreat for 40 days. During this period, the believer goes into remembrance of Allah through deep meditation to attain spiritual heights.
However, there are no restrictions on having meals, but a practitioner shouldn't
indulge in any worldly affairs during this period," said Salman Chishty, an Ajmer-based sufi scholar.
He added that the practice is not supposed to be practiced by the common man. "A disciple is never allowed to practice Chilla Kashi until he spends a decade with his Sufi master," he added.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Do Nov 11, 2010 11:40 pm

Laten we het eens hebben over de Maladiven, eilanden voor de westkust van India. Daar zijn ze 100% Mohammedaans want iedereen die het niet was hebben ze op de boot gezet naar India.
Paradijselijke eilanden voor toeristen met een addertje onder het gras. Zie deze video waarin een echtpaar hun huwelijksbeloften aan het herbevestigen gaat met een lokaal kleurtje. Dat schijnt populair te zijn als je voldoende geld hebt. Onderwijl worden ze in de lokale taal voor rotte vis en erger uitgemaakt.

Nu blijkt dat de kultuur op die eilanden ook een 'droit du seigneur' kent. Moeten we respect voor hebben.
Maar die seigneurs zijn in dit geval de leden van de Maffia van Allah.
Quran Teacher Arrested for Relations with Girl
(Filladhoo, Maldives) A 19-year-old Quran teacher has been accused of engaging in a relationship with a 13-year-old girl after being caught with the girl in a room at the girl's grandmother's house.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that the teacher was arrested on Monday night and was in police custody.

A Filladhoo islander told Minivan News that the teacher was a temporary Islam and Quran teacher who had been working at Filladhoo school for two months.

Notably, Maldives statistics indicate that 12 percent of the girls under 15 years of age have been sexually abused, many by teachers and religious leaders.

[Add.] Interestingly, in a previous report on child abuse in Sunni Muslim Maldives, sexual abuse of children is not only prevalent but also increasing. Furthermore, it wasn't until 2008 that a law was passed making child sexual abuse a crime deserving jail as punishment.

On the other hand, it's disturbing to note that child molesters and rapists are seldom prosecuted in the Maldives. Inexplicably, child sexual abuse is largely tolerated.
Laatst gewijzigd door Mahalingam op Wo Feb 09, 2011 2:39 pm, 1 keer totaal gewijzigd.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Wo Nov 24, 2010 4:29 pm

Dorp India verbiedt mobiele telefoon voor meisjes
Een dorp in het noorden van India verbiedt ongetrouwde vrouwen een mobiele telefoon te gebruiken uit angst dat ze verboden huwelijken aangaan. Dergelijke huwelijken worden er vaak bestraft met de dood.
De dorpsraad van Lank besloot onlangs dat ongetrouwde jongens wel mobiele telefoons mogen gebruiken, zij het alleen onder ouderlijk toezicht. Lokale vrouwenbewegingen noemen de maatregel een achteruitgang en oneerlijk. Ze zijn van mening dat het bovendien een nadeel voor meisjes zou kunnen betekenen op andere vlakken.
Hier het bericht van AP:
Indian village bans cell phones for unwed women By BISWAJEET BANERJEE
Last month, 34 couples eloped in Muzaffarnagar district, where Lank is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, police said. Among the couples who eloped, eight honor killings have been reported in the last month, police said.
"Three girls were beheaded by the male members of their family after they eloped" with boys from their same clan, said police assistant director general Brij Lal in the state capital of Lucknow.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Vr Nov 26, 2010 9:49 pm

Op de paradijselijke Maldiven waar ze de Volle Islam hebben, willen ze geen dokters die Jood zijn.
Ze vrezen de wraak van Allah.
Israeli Doctors Help Sick in Maldives, Muslims Protest saying it is against Islam to have relations with Jews

President of the Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzy said that the organisation did not support accepting “any sort of assistance from Israel as long as they are in the lands of Palestine. We should fear that we might have to face the wrath of God.”[...]
Fauzy also claimed to have information that Israel was attempting to influence the education policy of the government, which has come under fire from religious NGOs for plans to make Islam an optional subject in A’ Levels and change four secondary schools in Male’ to single-sex schools.
”There will be cunning plans of them behind the scenes, they will not wish any good for Muslims, inside their heart,” Fauzy alleged.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Ariel » Vr Nov 26, 2010 10:20 pm

Goed....Israëlische artsen onmiddellijk terug sturen, en vervangen door een paar Mohammedaanse wonder dokters .
Dat zal die vieze stink joden leren. :evil:
De President wonderdokter uit Gambia geneest aids . Daar hebben ze een goeie aan, en er zijn genoeg islamitische genezers die expert zijn in aderlaten of ook wel wet-cupping of Al Hijama genoemd.
Volgens mij zijn al die patiënten op de maldiven bezeten door jinns en dat is te verhelpen door in ieder oor, eerst het rechter, dan het linker, drie keer de oproep tot het gebed te doen . Succes verzekerd.

Wie wil er door dit soort tuig behandeld worden als....


...het ook zo kan.

De geest van de wijze richt zich naar rechts, maar de geest van de dwaas naar links.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Wo Dec 01, 2010 5:32 pm

Sinds de splitsing is de buitenlandse politiek van Engeland een koorddansers act gebleven.
Doe vriendelijk tegen Pakistan en India is boos en omgekeerd dubbel zo.
De uitgelekte documenten hebben hier wel wat over.
Cameron criticised radicalised Muslims: Wikileaks
In a leaked 10 December 2009 cable the U.S. ambassador to the U.K., Louis Susman, recorded meeting the Tory frontbencher Liam Fox, now the defence secretary.
“Fox criticised the Labour government for policies which reinforce the Indian government’s long-held view that HMG’s [Her Majesty’s government’s] foreign relations on the subcontinent are ‘skewed to Pakistan’” He is quoted as assuring Mr. Susman that “the Conservatives are ‘less dependent’ than the Labour party on votes from the British-Pakistani community”.
Dat het geen onzin is bewijst de geschiedenis:
As soon as he became prime minister, David Cameron made a significant point of trying to build a special relationship with India, travelling to Delhi in June on a trade mission.
While in India, the Conservative leader urged Pakistanis not to face both ways on the issue of terrorism. His remarks caused a diplomatic furore: they were directed at Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, long regarded by the U.S. to be playing a double game in Afghanistan by covertly supporting the Taliban.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Dec 14, 2010 5:30 pm

In de Islam zijn ze allemaal broeders en zusters. Maar soms even niet. Dan zijn ze net gewone mensen met vooroordelen. Hier een verslag van een moskee-vete. (scholar= schriftgeleerde)
Mosque brawl was racial, says scholar
Tensions erupted at the Verulam Sunni Mosque last Sunday during a special general meeting, where a large group of Malawian Muslims were allegedly physically and verbally attacked. However, mosque officials have denied that the brawl was racially motivated.

Cassim Mtambo, a Muslim scholar and businessman, said he and his colleagues had attended the general meeting where a new board of trustees was to be elected and amendments to the constitution made.
The meeting followed an out-of-court settlement reached last year with the trustees, who had been in office for 12 years. It was resolved that a new board of trustees would be elected to serve for only five years.
"There was a dispute over the eligibility of some members of the congregation, namely the black Muslims residing in Verulam. They argued that some of the black Muslims were foreigners ... and said the Malawians could not vote."
According to the constitution, said Mtambo, any Muslim male over 18 living in Verulam who attended the mosque was eligible to vote.
Mtambo, a law student, was born in SA to Malawian parents and has attended prayer at the mosque for about seven years.
He said pandemonium broke out and some members were assaulted and intimidated.
"The Malawians were threatened that, if they continued to sit in the meeting, they would not return home alive."
He said the members decided to walk out of the meeting as it was "not fair and peaceful". He added that other congregants also left the meeting in disgust.
"The walkout by the Africans and Indians who disputed the decision that prevented Malawians from voting, made it possible for the outgoing trustees to be re-elected."
He said the Malawians regularly attended prayer and added that he intended lodging an application in the Equality Court and the high court to oppose the outcome of the meeting.

Chairman of the mosque trust Imranne Bux said the meeting terminated well under an independent chairman. "There was a bit of an uproar when cer-tain people were unhappy but it subsided eventually. There was no racial tension."
Bux said it seemed that some people had been bussed in and these congregants were not regular members.
He said owing to the trust the community had in the trustees, they had been re-elected.

Abdul Haq Bharoochi, an applicant in last year's high court application, said the "uncultured behaviour of the few who appeared to be dominating the meeting, was boorish and unrefined. This type of behaviour is unacceptable in the Islamic faith. The screaming, threats to the Malawians and those who wanted change in the trusteeship ... were disgraceful," he said.
Bharoochi said there should be no discrimination in Islam on the grounds of race or colour.
Ik vind het allemaal maar maffioos klinken.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

hans van de mortel
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Islamitisch geweld. De westerse moslim grinnikt goedkeurend

Berichtdoor hans van de mortel » Ma Dec 20, 2010 12:04 am

Zoek de islam en aanschouw een verontreinigd Europa

Het smerige, huichelachtige, laffe en vooral parasiterende gedrag van vooral Marokkanen in Europa zegt alles over hun geestelijk welzijn. Ik heet iedere Marokkaan en Turk van harte welkom, als hij maar geen aanhanger is van de islamitische maffia waarvan de overleden baas Mohammed na al die jaren nog steeds verheerlijkt wordt doordat vooral Marokkaanse ouders menen Allah een plezier te doen door hun kinderen nog steeds te belasten met de naam Mohammed. Een naam die garant staat voor de allergrootste Arabische roverhoofdman en goorste sadist van de mensheid.

Zijn zij zo slim, of wij zo dom?
Ach, zeggen Marokkaanse moslims in Nederland, waarom komen jullie niet gezellig op ons suikerfeest? Islam betekent vrede, roepen zij dan in koor. Alsof wij volslagen krankzinnig zijn geworden en niet meer weten hoe de wereld in elkaar steekt.

Ontmenselijking door islam
Als je toch ziet, leest en hoort hoe erg de islam huishoudt in de wereld uit naam van die beestachtige profeet en roverhoofdman Mohammed, dan wil je toch geen Marokkaan meer zien in je buurt? Daarom doe ik een dringende oproep aan al die aardige van het sadisme van islam bevrijde Marokkanen. Nodig je collega na het werk uit voor een borrel. Bied de vader van het kind dat bij jouw kind in hetzelfde voetbalteam speelt een kopje koffie aan en praat over lekkere wijn, dat verrukkelijke Belgische bier voor met de Kerst en misschien nog wel een varkenslapje erbij. Een Marokkaan heeft nog nooit zo snel Nederlandse vrienden gemaakt.

Het gebrek van de Marokkaan
Marokkanen en andere Noord-Afrikanen kunnen niet blijven volhouden dat zij anders zijn dan die andere mohammedanen. Als voetbalclub 'fc S(chop) M(aar) R(aak)' steeds in het nieuws komt als een vieze ordinaire gewelddadige voetbalclub, wat doe ik dan met mijn kind? Ik laat hem bij die club uitschrijven en zoek een meer fatsoenlijke sportieve voetbalclub op voor mijn zoon, zodat hij gevrijwaard wordt van schadelijke invloeden. Een Marokkaan kan er vaak niets aan doen dat hij met een gebrek is geboren als moslim. Wat hij wel kan doen is zijn gezonde verstand gebruiken. Hij zal net als ieder ander mens in ONZE kennisbeschaving een keuze moeten maken.

Keuzes genoeg. Islam is de foute keuze
Een aan Mohammed opgedragen en geboren Marokkaan kan katholiek worden (af te raden); hij kan protestant worden (af te raden); hij kan lid worden van de Jezus fanclub van Bijwoner (af te raden); hij kan Jehovah's Getuige worden. Een op het oog goede keuze vergeleken met die oorlogszuchtige kannibalen religie die islam heet. Toch moet ik ook deze mogelijke keuze afraden. Solliciteren bij de Mormoon misschien of als Zevende Dags Adventist door het leven gaan?

Moslims doen alsof hun neus bloedt
Al deze religies en sektes volgen vreedzaam het spoor van Jezus en zijn ver aan te bevelen boven al dat ontspoorde geweld van wat zo kenmerkend hoort bij islam. Islam is niet voor niets de laatst overgebleven heidense religie uit de oudheid die gepenetreerd in ONZE kennisbeschaving met leugens, list en bedrog probeert te moderniseren door steeds de andere kant op te kijken bij al het geweld dat de beste korankenners in de wereld ons tonen. Zij doen alsof hun neus bloedt.

Marokkaan! Kies voor jezelf!
Mijn beste advies voor de Marokkaan die zich werkelijk verlost wil voelen van angst en de enorme berg aan volslagen krankjorem teksten uit de achterlijke islamleer is je nergens wat van aan te trekken. Kies! Kies voor jezelf! Het allerbeste is nergens lid van te worden. Sluit je nooit aan bij welke organisatie dan ook. Je kunt humanist zijn zonder verplichting aan wie dan ook.

Gelovigen behoren tot de grootste misdadigers
En onthoud, de grootste misdadigers en massa moordenaars hadden allemaal een religieuze achtergrond. Toeval? Mohammed, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolinie, en anderen. En Jezus? Die heeft met zijn opstandige ideeën heel wat lijken veroorzaakt. Aan deze lijken ging vaak een weerzinwekkende foltering vooraf. Zou Jezus daar nu spijt van hebben? Misschien dat een volgende generatie van Bijwoners dit eens aan Jezus kan vragen bij zijn terugkomst op aarde. Wij zullen het in ieder geval niet meer meemaken.
Religie is de vrijwillige celstraf van het verstand.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Di Dec 21, 2010 10:08 pm

In Kanpur heeft Rajya Sabha member Maulana Mahmood Madani iets gezegd dat de Barelvi bende niet beviel. Dus gingen ze boos worden en een pop verbranden. Dat vonden de leden van de Deobandi bende ongepast en er wordt gevochten. De overheid kwam tussen beide dus nu is het theologisch geschil nog niet opgelost.
Wordt vervolgd.
120 booked after clashes between Muslim sects
KANPUR: A case was registered on Saturday against 120 people in connection with the violent clashes between two groups over comments made by a Muslim leader, police said.

Amid tension in Muslim-dominated areas, security has been beefed up and strong reinforcements of PAC and Rapid Action Force personnel have been deployed to prevent any further clashes, DIG Ashok Mutha Jain said.
Those booked under various sections of the IPC and the Criminal Law Act belong to Barelvi and Deoband sects of Sunni Muslims and attempts are being made to arrest them, the police said.
Trouble began yesterday at Bajaria area in Colonelganj here after some people belonging to the Barelvi sect tried to burn an effigy of Rajya Sabha member Maulana Mahmood Madani as they were upset over some alleged unsavoury remarks made by him earlier.

Opposition to this act by members of the Deobandi sect resulted in violence between the two groups who resorted to stone pelting and firing, in which a child was severely wounded as a bullet hit him, and eight others were injured.
The injured child, Farhan, who is admitted to a private hospital is still in a critical condition, District Magistrate, Mukesh Meshram said.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Do Jan 13, 2011 9:16 pm

Voor lezers die nog de neiging hebben te zwijmelen voor swami's en andere 'heilige' mannen of wat daarvoor moet doorgaan in het Hindoeïsme, het zijn allemaal oplichters, zwendelaars en kwakzalvers. Wat niet weg neemt dat velen van hen in hun eigen onzin geloven.
Hier even wat tegengif uit de realiteit. Soms zijn ze ook terroristen en mafiia-bazen. Of, vanuit een ander perspectief: verzetstrijders die het geloof beschermen.
Hindu holy man Aseemanand in custody over India blasts
An Indian court has remanded in custody a Hindu holy man accused of a string of bomb attacks previously thought to be the work of Muslim militants.

Swami Aseemanand allegedly admitted to placing bombs on a train to Pakistan, at a Sufi shrine and at a mosque.
He has also allegedly confessed to carrying out two assaults on the southern Indian town of Malegaon, which has a large Muslim population.
He has been remanded in custody for the four attacks until 27 January.

Police say that Mr Aseemanand gave them details of his role in the mosque attack in the city of Hyderabad in 2007 in addition to attacks on a graveyard in Malegaon and a Sufi shrine in Ajmer.
Several Muslim men were arrested for those attacks - and some reports said that they had been tortured. Most are still in custody.
Mr Aseemanand was arrested in November after being in hiding for two years, police said.

According to India's Tehelka magazine, which has obtained a copy of his 42-page confession, he told his interrogators that the attacks on Muslim places were in response to attacks by Islamist militants in India.
It quotes him as saying that many of those involved in the bombings were members of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) - the right-wing parent organisation of India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party.
The bomb attack on the Samjhauta (Friendship) Express train travelling from India to Pakistan in February 2007 killed 68 people. Many of the passengers who died in the incident were Pakistanis returning home.
The 2008 blast in the town of Malegaon killed seven people and left more than 100 injured. A female Hindu priest, Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur, and a serving Indian army officer were among 11 people who were arrested in connection with the attack.
In May 2007, at least 14 people were killed in an explosion during Friday prayers at the Mecca mosque in Hyderabad. It is one of India's biggest mosques, and there was rioting afterwards.
And in October 2007, a bomb attack on a famous Sufi Muslim shrine in the city of Ajmer - in the state of Rajasthan - killed two people.

Anger over leaks
Most of these blasts were initially blamed on local militant groups and several Muslim men were arrested for alleged involvement.
But correspondents say the police were unable to make much headway in their investigations.
Opposition politicians were angered recently after leaked diplomatic cables suggested Rahul Gandhi, widely tipped as a future Indian PM, believed Hindu radicals might pose a greater threat than Islamist militants.

According to Wikileaks, Mr Gandhi told a US envoy last year there was some support among Indian Muslims for militants such as Lashkar-e-Taiba.
But he told ambassador Timothy Roemer the greater threat could come from the growth of radical Hindu groups.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Vr Jan 14, 2011 9:19 pm

In Delhi waren rellen omdat een illegale moskee werd afgebroken. Volgens de Mohammedanen kan dat niet want ooit was Delhi een sultanaat en dus was alle grond van Moslims. Dat moet zo blijven.
Mosque demolition leads to tension in Delhi
New Delhi , Jan 13: This is one touchy topic India will have to come to terms with and that's religion. We might put our civic duties and our obligations as responsible citizens in the back-burner, but no one broaches the subject of religion.

This is exactly what happened in Jangpura area when a riot broke out when the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) razed an "illegal" mosque. The Noor mosque was apparently built in an encroachment area of a DDA plot.
The Muslim protestors did not take the matter into their stride and what ensued later was mayhem. There was stone-pelting and damage to private vehicles by a huge mob that had gathered near the mosque.

The police had to resort to firing tear gas shells and five policemen sustained injuries in the melee. 13 others were injured in the clash. Things turned for the worse when the protestors marched to the Hazrat Nizamuddin police station to offer prayers since the mosque was out of bounds. The mob was led by Jangpura MLA Tarvinder Singh Marwah who insisted on offering prayers in the mosque.

Later, the Shahi Imam of the Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmad Bukhari took the matter further by leading the protestors to the police station and an eyewitness said that the Imam led the mob to offer namaz in front of the Hazrat Nizamuddin police station that was received by stiff protests from the police personnel.
The local leaders and others claim that the mosque stood on Wakf land. Shoaib Iqbal, MLA from the Lok Janshakti Party said, " The structure was on Wakf property and has been there for more than 200 years."
The land and the the religious structure was earlier inspected by the Religious Committee of the Delhi govt and had come to the conclusion that the mosque had indeed come up illegally.

Tension still persists in the area around Jangpura Block B and Nizamuddin.
Politie werd dus bedreigd door de biddende bende van Bukhari.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Zwartmeer » Di Jan 18, 2011 8:52 pm

Muslim invasion of India
Very few know that while the Muslims invaded Persia in 634, they invaded Sindh in India in 638, just a gap of four years. But while Persia succumbed in seventeen years by 651, Muslims took seven hundred years to overrun India (today Sindh is a part of a Muslim country called Pakistan that was carved out of Hindu India in 1947)...

Een pacifistische moslim is als een vegetarische krokodil.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Wo Feb 23, 2011 3:44 pm

Ook in India malen de molens van het gerecht langzaam. Na 8 jaar is er nu een vonnis.
India Godhra train blaze verdict: 31 convicted
A special court in the western Indian state of Gujarat has found 31 people guilty of setting fire to a passenger train in the town of Godhra in 2002.

The court acquitted 63 other people of conspiracy and murder.
The Sabarmati Express was attacked by a Muslim mob killing 59 people, mainly Hindu pilgrims.
The attack led to some of the worst riots seen in India and left more than 1,000 people, mainly Muslims, dead.
Gujarat's authorities were criticised for not doing enough to stop the riots.

Those convicted will be sentenced on Friday. Security is tight across Gujarat and extra police have been deployed in case of communal unrest. All of those accused and convicted were Muslim.

The attackers were said to have forced the train, carrying Hindu pilgrims from Ayodhya, to stop and then set fire to one of the carriages.
"The court has accepted the conspiracy theory. It was not an accident," public prosecutor JM Panchal is quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.
Whether or not there was a conspiracy to set the train ablaze or whether it was a spontaneous fire has long been the subject of dispute.
An inquiry commission set up by the state government said in 2008 that the burning of the train was a "conspiracy".
It examined more than 1,000 witnesses during a six-year period, found that 140 litres of petrol had been purchased as part of what it said had been a conspiracy to burn the train carriage.

That commission also exonerated Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi over the deadly religious riots that followed the blaze.
He was accused of failing to halt the religious violence and some opponents said he indirectly encouraged some of the Hindu rioters. But the commission dismissed these allegations.
"There is absolutely no evidence to show that either the chief minister or any of the ministers in his council or police officers played any role in the Godhra incident," Justice GT Nanavati had concluded in his report.

But Mr Modi was criticised in 2010 for his "partisan" stance by a separate Supreme Court panel which investigated the riots.
It said he showed "discriminatory attitude by not visiting riot-affected areas in Ahmedabad where a large number of Muslims were killed," according to Tehelka magazine and AFP news agency.
The inquiry commission's findings contradicted an earlier probe by retired Supreme Court judge Umesh Chandra Banerjee, who found that the coach fire was not deliberately started.
He concluded in 2005 that the fire began by accident.

He said there was evidence to suggest the blaze began inside the train and that it was not fire-bombed.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Ma Feb 28, 2011 5:05 pm

De machtspositie van de commies in Kerala wordt al jaren bedreigd door opkomende islamisten.
Hier is het niet koek en ei tussen socialisten en islamieten.
Five making bomb killed in explosion
KOCHI: Five Muslim League members were killed in an explosion while they were making crude bombs at Nadapuram near Kerala's Kozhikode.

Country bombs were used in frequent clashes between CPM and Muslim League in the area. After the local body elections last November, clashes between the two parties have intensified. Both parties have units which make bombs.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Ma Apr 04, 2011 8:30 pm

Op de Maladiven houden ze ook geiten. En met al die Moslims daar, ach, wat moeten we zeggen?
Vier mannen worden op de Malediven verdacht van het verkrachten van geiten. Het seksueel misbruik vond plaats op het eiland Makunudhoo.

De mannen, tussen de 19 en 21 jaar oud, hebben zich volgens een geitenhouder aan meer dan vijf geiten vergrepen. Mogelijk zijn er onder zijn kudde van 50 dieren meer slachtoffers gemaakt. De geitenhouder had het groepje mannen vaker bij zijn boerderij gezien. Hij kwam achter de bestialiteit doordat de geiten na de verkrachting moeilijk liepen en verwondingen aan hun geslachtsorganen hadden. Ook vond de man gebruikte condooms.

Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Zo Mei 01, 2011 7:29 pm

De ummah op die k*t eilandjes van de Maldiven is niet zo homogeen. er zijn theologische geschillen die zich vertalen in politieke actie.
De verslagen nummer twee wil laten zien dat die ook invloed kan hebben en dat niet alleen de democratisch gekozen nr. 1 de dienst totaal uitmaakt. Respect voor de minderheid en zo. Nee dus. "The winner takes all".
Betoging tegen regering Maldiven hard neergeslagen
De Maldivische politie heeft in de hoofdstad Male een massale betoging tegen president Mohamad Nasheed neergeslagen met wapenstokken en traangas. Daarbij zijn tientallen mensen gewond geraakt. Ook zijn veel mensen gearresteerd.

Duizenden betogers hadden zich gisteravond in het centrum van Male verzameld om te protesteren tegen de economische malaise waarin de archipel verkeert en het wanbeleid van de regering. Volgens de organisatoren waren er zo’n vijfduizend man op de been.

Politiewoordvoerder Ahmed Shiyam zei dat de demonstranten gevraagd werd te vertrekken, maar daarop begonnen zij te gooien met voorwerpen naar de politie. Hij zei dat tien mensen werden gearresteerd voor het beschadigen van eigendommen.

Het protest was georganiseerd door de oppositiepartij Dhivehi Raithunge, die wil dat Nasheed aftreedt en er nieuwe verkiezingen worden uitgeschreven. Nasheed is vooralsnog van plan zijn ambtstermijn van vijf jaar af te maken. Hij kwam in 2008 bij de eerste democratische verkiezingen in de archipel aan de macht.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Za Mei 07, 2011 8:08 pm

Dat vreselijk klote kaste-bewustzijn van die Hindu's. Bij ons zijn er heel erg veel zelfmoorden onder Hindustaanse meisjes.
Koppel gestenigd vanwege huwelijk
NAGLA KHURU - Acht mensen zijn in het noorden van India gearresteerd nadat ze een pasgetrouwd stel hadden gestenigd. De politie heeft vandaag meegedeeld dat het gaat om eremoord. De bruid en bruidegom behoorden tot verschillende kasten.

Rajiv Verma en Renu Pal waren 20 jaar oud en verliefd op elkaar, maar behoorden tot verschillende kasten. Om die reden kregen ze van hun ouders geen toestemming om te trouwen.

Het koppel liep zondag weg uit het dorp Nagla Khuru, in de deelstaat Uttar Pradesh. Een dag later kwamen ze gehuwd terug. Een menigte wachtte hen op en stenigde hen tot de dood.

Het Indiase Hooggerechtshof vroeg in maart nog aan deelstaatregeringen om eremoorden 'meedogenloos' uit te roeien. Vaak plegen familieleden moorden op jonge mensen die trouwen, ondanks de verschillende kasten waartoe ze behoren. De families denken dat met zulke huwelijken hun reputatie wordt bedoezeld.,1
Nog zo'n bericht:
‘Honour killing' of teenaged girl
HYDERABAD: In what is being described as horrendous ‘honour killing', the family members of a girl belonging to Backward Classes community dragged her out of her Dalit in-laws' place and set her afire at Balanagar in Mahabubnagar district on Thursday.
After beating her up they allegedly hit her head with a boulder, sprinkled petrol and set her afire.
On Friday, Lingam and his brother reached Balanagar, and on a complaint, police rushed to the spot and shifted the charred body to Government hospital at Shadnagar.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Ma Mei 09, 2011 10:54 pm

Makkelijker kunnen we het niet maken met Westerse technologie: scheiden op zijn Mohammedaans kan telefonisch, per e-mail en ook met een SMS bericht.
Nu is er een nieuwe low-rech variant: de koerier. Gekker kunnen we het niet maken. Alhoewel, Mohammedanen kunnen mij daarin nog steeds verrassen.
Delhi court validates divorce communicated by hired agents under Shia Islamic Law
A Delhi court has validated divorce given by a Shia Muslim,Sabir Hussain, to his wife Mumtaz through another man appointed by him as his agent to pronounce the word ‘talaq’ in Arabic as he could not speak that language. Additional District Judge Reetesh Singh said Hussain has duly proved that he had obtained divorce from Mumtaz as prescribed under Shia Muslim Law.
Hoe komen ze er op?
It is held under Shia Muslim law that if a husband isn’t conversant with Arabic he can engage/hire an agent to pronounce ‘talaq’ on his behalf in the presence of two witnesses. Mumtaz had contended that to secure divorce under Shia Muslim Law ‘talaq’ should be pronounced only in Arabic, and that by the husband himself. Hussain was married to Mumtaz in 1992. They have two sons and a daughter.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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Re: De Islamisering van India

Berichtdoor Mahalingam » Zo Mei 15, 2011 8:02 pm

het topje van een ijsberg. Nieuws dat nog wel in lokale kranten wordt afgedrukt, maar verder niet.
Where’s the honour in that? Two Muslim girls killed for eloping with Hindu lovers
In yet another case of honour killing, two Muslim girls were killed allegedly by their mothers for eloping with Hindu youths in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh.
Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen.

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